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Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau Launches "Stay-at-Home Economy" Holiday Packages for In-depth Travels in 29 Districts

Participation of Featured Hotels in Each District in the Event
Participation of Featured Hotels in Each District in the Event
Let’s have in-depth travels in Taichung! Launched by the Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau, the "2021 Stay-at-Home Economy" holiday packages feature three-day and two-night in-depths tour in 29 districts in Taichung and has teamed up with hotel operators to provide incentive accommodations for continuous stays. Additionally, exclusive incentive accommodations up to 40% discounts were available for Taichung citizens with B or L as the beginning alphabet of their national identification card that will allow them to enjoy the charm of "be at Home in Taichung" in their Taichung long stay.
The Bureau today (8th) held the press conference at the Formosa Corridor Hotel and according to Director General of the Bureau Hen Hu-Chi, participants of the Program of the "2021 Stay-at-Home Economy" holiday packages can tag tourist, gourmet and secret scenic sites in 29 districts and there are "29 Stay--Home Economy District Routes" customized for visitors to have in-depth tours by following routes suggested and change their itineraries according to the length of their vacations. They can also have the freedom to plan their tour in different districts to enjoy hotel facilities and experience local life in various districts.
Director General Hen pointed out that featured hotel operators including five-star hotels, recreational inns, boutique hotels, hot spring resorts, camping grounds and B&BS in various districts are invited to take a part in the program to offer incentive accommodations for the "Taichung Stay-at-Home Economy" program. With the outstanding results received from the "2020 Good Hotels in Cities- Managerial Performance Evaluation for City and County Governments" Taichung City aims to create a peak for holiday packages of "Taichung Stay-at-Home Economy." This will be done by offering in-depth tours, safe hotel stay and accommodation incentives. For more information of the event, please visit (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/zh-tw/Event/ActivityDetail/6945 ).
The local well-known travel writer, Mr. Liu Ka-shiang was invited to today's press conference to promote LOHAS tours based on environmental awareness. Mr. Liu visited sites from Taian and Dajia on foot for authentic gourmet foods at local traditional markets. He tried to explore Taichung with local approaches presenting local life. Mr. Liu shared some his hidden scenic sites and invited the public to explore Taichung and discover cultural stories at the alleys of Taichung.
Attendees of today's event included Director General Han, Councilman Liu Shi-Chou, President of Taichung City Hotel Association, Cheng Sheng-Chang, President of Taichung Gift Association, Cheng Ren-Hou, Secretary General of Taichung City Tourism Hotel Association, Hsu Chi-Ren, representatives of Taichung City Municipality Hotel Association and office staff of Councilmen Huang Hsing-Hui, Chen Wen-Cheng, Huang Shou-Ta and Ran Ling-Hsiung.

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  • Data update: 2021-04-21
  • Publish Date: 2021-04-13
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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