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John Dennis, Representative at the British Office in Taipei, visits Mayor Lu for Cooperation on Green Energy and Transport

Souvenir Presentation, Li Shan Oolong Tea Gift Set of Deimu Tea Garden, to UK  Representative, John Dennis, by Mayor Lu
Souvenir Presentation, Li Shan Oolong Tea Gift Set of Deimu Tea Garden, to UK Representative, John Dennis, by Mayor Lu
John Dennis, the Representative at the British Office in Taipei, today (the 13th) visited Taichung City Mayor, Lu Shiow-Yen, to exchange opinions towards green energy and carbon reduction, green transport and urban planning. On behalf of the Taichung City Government and citizens of Taichung, Mayor Lu offered her condolences for the death of Prince Philip. She also briefed Taichung's current developments to Representative Dennis with the hope that Taichung can learn from the UK's coal-free power generation and development of successful mass rapid transport system. She especially invited Mr. Dennis to the 2021 World Orchid Show and hoped that more cooperation and exchanges can be conducted between the two sides to forge a stronger relationship.
According to Mayor Lu, she led a delegation to visit the UK two years ago and witnessed implementation and effectiveness of the coal-free power generation policy. She was impressed by the UK's plan to phase out unabated coal-fired power stations by 2025. The Taichung City Government also targeted carbon reduction. The Taichung MRT Green Line was scheduled for official operations on April 25th and the MRT Blue Line is now under review by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) and continuous phased operations including land acquisition, design, and construction were about to be conducted after obtaining the approval of MOTC to optimize public transport in Taichung.
Mr. Dennis pointed out that he cares very much about Taiwan's emission reduction system and has exchanged opinions with other cities and counties in Taiwan towards green energy and emission reduction. His office has worked with the MRT systems in New Taipei City, Taipei City and Kaohsiung and he is willing to share their achievements of implementation with Taichung. He also hoped that Taichung can make use of its advantage of wind power for MRT expansion and development of Taichung into a green and low-carbon city.
Mayor Lu responded that the generation of stable wind power in Taichung and Changhua has attracted investments of many international companies including those in machinery and assembly lines. Taichung boasts of both "natural and geographical incentives" plus nice weather and friendly citizens. At the same time, Taichung is the home of various gourmet foods and the headquarters of pastries including the famous pearl milk tea, sun cakes and sandwiches. Mr. Dennis was invited to visit Taichung more often and certainly, he will fall in love with Taichung.
Representative Dennis said that he was quite impressed by the beautiful city views and architecture of Taichung and he hoped that he can learn about Taichung's urban planning. Deputy Representative of his office, Mr. Andrew Pittam, last year visited Deputy Mayor Bruce Linghu for more economic and trading cooperation. Many UK businesses have also invested in Taichung. Although he only met Mayor Lu for the first time today, he truly believed that there will be more cooperative opportunities to forge stronger ties between two sides.
Accompanied by Deputy Mayor, Bruce Linghu, Secretary General, Yen Nai-Lun, Director General of the Economic Development Bureau, Chang Feng-Yuan, Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu and Chief Engineer of the Urban Development Bureau, Tsai Ching-Hung, Mayor Lu met John Dennis, the Representative at the British Office in Taipei, Stephanie Ashmore, Head of Trade and Investment and Lee An-Ling, Head of Infrastructure to discuss future cooperation and exchanges. At the end of the meeting, Mayor Lu presented gift sets of Li Shan Oolong Tea from the Deimu Tea Garden and Litchi Mead to the UK delegation while Mr. Dennis presented Mayor Lu with Whittard ceramic tableware known as the epitome of British and UK culture.

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  • Data update: 2021-04-21
  • Publish Date: 2021-04-14
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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