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Riding on the Green Transport Vehicles to Taichung's Coastal Area for Beautiful Sceneries and Gourmet Foods that Always Amaze You

Riding on the Green Transport Vehicles to Taichung's Coastal Area for Beautiful Sceneries and Gourmet Foods that Always Amaze You
Riding on the Green Transport Vehicles to Taichung's Coastal Area for Beautiful Sceneries and Gourmet Foods that Always Amaze You
In this flower viewing season, the Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau encouraged the public to visit famous scenic sites on Taichung's coastal line by public transportation for being environmental friendly and soul and mind relaxation. By riding on the coastal railway line, visitors will pass through stations including Dadu, Longjing, Qingshui, and Taichung Port where feature must visit scenic sites. The Bureau recommended the public to visit Taichung during holidays and local delicacies of Taichung are the ideal souvenirs to bring home after having wonderful vacations in Taichung.
For lovers of historical and cultural tours, a trip to Huangxi Academy is highly recommended. By taking the costal railway to Dadu Station, visitors will walk about 20 minutes to arrive at Huangxi Academy, commonly known as Wenchang Temple, built in the area of the Guangxu Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, with a history more than 120 years. It has been ranked by the Ministry of Interior as the third-class historical rite. As the cultural and educational center of Dadu, the Academy has been known for its beautiful craving arts. In the Examination Era of the Qing Dynasty, many scholars and elites all came from this prominent Academy. Wenchang Dijun in charge of fame, wealth, and honor is worshiped here. When the examination season comes, photo copies of admission cards for entrance exams are put on the offering table and this explains the good reputation of the Academy.
Gaomei Wetlands, the famous international scenic site, can be reached by taking Bus #309 at the Taichung Station or Bus #178 and 688 at Qingshui Station. Located at the south side of the estuary of Dajia River in Qingshui, the site was originally closed due to sediment. But it created the special wetland ecosystem mixed with mud and sand geological structure that attracts black-faced spoonbills, Chinese egrets, fiddler crabs, mudskippers, and soldier crabs as the best habitat. Especially, the winding 650-meter long wooden path during the sunset time reflects with blue sky and white clouds on the water and presents the unforgettable beautiful scenery. It is the scenic site that nature lovers cannot miss.
Located in Qingshui District, Wuqi Tourism Fishing Port can be reached by riding on the railway and then transiting on Bus #111. Visitors can also go to the Taichung Station and ride on Bus #307 to arrive at this destination. Wuqi Tourism Fishing Port is Taichung's important fishing and tourism fishing port; it consists of sales area, direct sales area, dining area, tourism fishing boat area, and the recreational park. It is an ideal site for seafood. Visitors can taste delicious seafood dishes and ride on the tourism fishing boats to enjoy the beautiful scene of blue sky and white clouds.
Fans of movies can visit Shalu Movie Museum by riding on the railway and getting off at Shalu Station following a 15-minute walk. On the way to the Museum, there are shops that sell snack foods such as meat balls, meat ball soup, small steamed dumplings, and ice. These are must try cuisines recommended by residents. Located at the Shengpo Branch of Taichung City Shalun Library, the Museum has multiple functions of film appreciation, production, and promotion. DVDs supplemented with 35mm movie films are featured. Each week, art films and documentaries are periodically featured and seminars and training courses on films with the high popularity are provided. At present, archives of the Museum consist of thousands of entries of books, DVDs, and music scope CDs. You are invited to discover movie treasure here.
After you have your fun trip for the whole day, it is certainly the time for gourmet foods. In the coastal area of Taichung, famous delicacies include watermelon in Dadu, Leek Noodles, almond tuiles, and rice in Qingshui, BBQ sweet potato and meat jerk in Shalu. These are good souvenirs for visitors and their family and friends.
The Bureau in the end reminded the public to maintain good personal hygiene when going out during the pandemic. Do wear face masks at the enclosed space and wash hands and keep the social distance to protect yourself and others. Real-time images of adjacent routes of popular scenic sites in the whole Taichung are made available and do check them on the Taichung Tourism and Travel website (http://taichung.csii.com.tw/). Do visit the website for more information(http://travel.taichung.gov.tw/).

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