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Extra Incentives for Stay-in-Taichung Holidays: In-depth Getaways at 29 Districts in Taichung

Events of "Stay-at-Home Holidays"
Events of "Stay-at-Home Holidays"
Travel has now changed in many aspects due to the impact of COVID-19. The Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau launched the new type of travel, stay-at-home holidays to encourage residents in Taichung to explore nearby scenic sites and enjoy getaways. The "stay-in-Taichung hotels" offered incentives for continuous stays during weekdays for local residents while the "stay-in-nature" programs encouraged nature trips. The "stay-at-local community" allowed residents to get to know their communities better. These three themed programs invited the locals to discover sites in Taichung that feature fun and gourmet foods.
According to the Bureau, these programs will be made available until June 30th and it planned in-depth featured itineraries in 29 districts for three days and two nights getaways and cooperated with more than 50 hotel operators including five-star hotels, recreational inns, boutique hotels, hot spring hotels, camping grounds and B&Bs by launching "incentives for continuous stays on weekdays" that provides the lowest price to NT$1 and up and free room type upgrades. Additionally, for nationals who have their national identification cards with the beginning alphabet letters of B or L or are citizens of Taichung, they are eligible for free guided eco-tours in camping areas or hotel accommodation discounts of up to 50% off.
The Bureau pointed out that itineraries planned for 29 districts feature social media places, gourmet foods and hidden scenic sites and lead visitors to have in-depth contacts with local communities and cultures. They include the "West District of Taichung," "Park Lane" and "Kong-ke Museum." Visitors can also explore three main themes of arts, culture and creativity on foot to various featured shops at the "Green Light Project Fan Texi Cultural and Creative Cluster" and to one of the must visit scenic sites, "Sheng Ji New Village." If visitors are looking for artistic historical architecture, they can go to "Taichung Shiyakusho," "Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center- Taichung Butokuten" or the "National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts."
The Bureau also recommended getaways to Nantun which has the big landmark of TAICHUNG at the "Fazi River Park" and the fun and colorful "Rainbow Village" for visitors to take beautiful photos. Visitors can also go to "Pizzeria L'Angolo," "Shanse" or the "Yuan Dumpling Restaurant" for various delicious meals. If visitors would like to enjoy their relaxation in the afternoon, they can have their boutique afternoon tea at CHICHA San Chen or "Fooki Coffee Roasters" located in an old building in "Liming Village." Additional recommendations also include the "Maple Honest Shop" where shoppers can get to know the charm of an honest shop with self-services for checkout.
If you are planning to go shopping in Taichung, you have to visit the "MITSUI OUTLET PARK-Taichung Port" in Wuqi District on the coast where the headquarters of brand names are located to satisfy your various shopping needs. You should also not miss the colorful container house and Ferris wheel by the Harbor. You can also plan to get to know the in-depth culture of this small town by visiting historical buildings listed as Taichung's cultural heritage and "Dazhuang Haotian Temple" and "Wuqi Historical Street," the intangible cultural heritage to feel the 100-year historical memories. For relaxing tours, you can go to "Dingyuliao Park" to try on the cute slide and take some photos. Additionally, the extremely beautiful café, "Early Winter" decorated with plantation, French casements and sufficient natural lighting is an ideal place for your coffee break.
The Bureau said that the Taichung City Government will continuously announce more "stay-at-local community " getaways for all districts in Taichung. Visitors can simply follow the recommended itineraries or make their own adjustment according to the length of stay. There are also 100 recommended routes for travelling in different districts that make travels to Taichung more personal and in-depth. Taichung is a diverse city of mountains, ocean, technology, agriculture and gourmet foods. You are invited to have a Taichung long stay.
For more information about hotel incentives of "stay-at-home holidays" and itineraries of "stay-at-the community," please visit the website of Taichung Tourism and Travel (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/zh-tw/Event/ActivityDetail/6945 ).

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