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Pre-emptive Preparations by the Taichung City Government to Re-start Using of the Joint Public Office Areas on the Ground Floor Tomorrow

  • Date: 2021-05-18
  • Issued by: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Preemptive Preparation Made by the Taichung City Government to Restart Using of the Joint Public Office Areas on the Ground Floor Tomorrow
Because of the severe outbreak of the pandemic in Taiwan, the Taichung City Government announced to use the Joint Public Offices, respectively, at the courtyards on the Ground Floor of Civic Building, Wenxin Building, on Taiwan Boulevard and the Ground Floor of Yangming Civic Building from tomorrow (13th) while the whole Huizhong Building of Civic Building on Taiwan Boulevard and Floor 2 and up of Yangming Civic Building can only be accessed by employees of the Taichung City Government. The Secretariat said to restarting use of the Joint Public Office Areas can shorten office hours and reduce unnecessary contacts for comprehensive pandemic prevention and control.
According to the Secretariat of the Taichung City Government, although now Taiwan has raised the pandemic warning Level 2, in principle, to respond to it, meetings and events with the planning capacity more than 100 people shall be prohibited. But to tighten its prevention and control, the Taichung City Government since tomorrow will restart using the Joint Office Areas by sending staff to the Ground Floor to take charge of applications or counselling requested by the public. Additionally, visitors and people in need of public services are required to wear face masks and register with their real names. All service personnel of logistics need to go to the "Logistics Delivery Area" on the Ground Floor to deliver their goods. The Civic Building on Taiwan Boulevard since tomorrow will temporarily suspend its guided tours.
The Secretariat pointed out that at current continuous adjustment will be conducted from time to time to enhance pandemic prevention and control measures at the Civic Building and regular disinfection will be conducted at public spaces such as toilets, elevators, meeting rooms, and cafeteria. Triage measures are introduced to office areas and when necessary, video conferencing will be utilized. Technology pandemic prevention and control measures such as real-name registration app will be continuously used. The public is urged to make use of online or telephone consultations and avoid going to public spaces to protect their own health.
  • Date : 2021-05-13
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