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Easy Operations for Foreigners to Register Real Names via Text, the English Operating Manual for Taichung City Bus Riders now Available

English Version(1)
English Version(1)
To incorporate with the policy of the central government, the Taichung City Bus system now launched real-name registration via text. The designated QR-Codes were now available on each bus with the provision of instructions for easy operations of bus riders. The Transportation Bureau of the Taichung City Government today (1st) added the English instructions for real-name registration via text on each bus to enhance pandemic prevention and control concept for diverse bus riders and to allow foreigners to understand the operations of real-name registration via text. Director General of the Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, pointed out that real-mane registration of Taichung City Bus via text is now launched and QR-Code stickers are posted on each bus to shorten registration time as well as minimize the infection risk of physical registration. Majority riders now actively coordinated with the policy after the system was launched several days ago, but recently, reports were received about operating difficulties by foreigners due to language barriers. To resolve the issue, the Bureau launched an English instruction version for real-time registration via text on buses and post the filters inside buses for easier recognition and better utilization efficiency. The Bureau said in order to provide rider friendly pandemic prevention and control measures for mass transportation users, the Taichung City Government launched the bilingual instructions of real-name registration via text for bus riders. The public was invited to operate on their own to avoid having conversations with drivers and to reduce the risks of cross-infections and burdens on the drivers. The instructions also resolved communication trouble caused by language barriers. According to the Bureau, only scanning the QR-code on bus and sending out the text message as instructed, riders can register their real names via text on buses easily. The real-name registration system via text has five advantages that requires "no personal information, no app downloading, no typing, no contacts and no charges" and information collected is used only for tracing only necessary contacts. Additionally, information will be automatically deleted after 28 days and there will be no concerns of privacy issues. If a smart phone is not equipped with a camera, the user only needs to switch on the text function and enter the corresponding Q-code of a site. Then send the message to the receiver by pressing 1922 to easily complete the real-name registration via text. The Bureau also called for the public to register their real name for the convenience of necessary contact tracing for the pandemic prevention and control. The public was also reminded to wear a face mask when riding on a bus and no food and drink was allowed on the bus. The public shall go to the hospital if there is any sign of fever, coughing or respiratory syndrome and do not use public transportation in order to protect yourself and others. (6/1*13)* The Transportation Bureau

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  • Data update: 2021-08-16
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-10
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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