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New Successful Investment Invitation in Siwei Elementary School Station of the Taichung MRT

After last year’s successful investment invitation in land development of the Wenxin-Chungde Station and Wenxin Sakura Station, the Taichung City Government’s investment invitation beginning at the end of last year in Siwei Elementary School Station and Nantun Station again was reported with a new victory. In addition to the best applicant selected on June 25th after evaluation, the results of the selected applicant of the land investment in Siwei Elementary School Station came out on July 2nd. Kindom Construction Corp. was the winner with the estimated investment amount of NT$1.71 billion. Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, said along with the network construction of the MRT Green Line, the Blue Line and the Airport Express MRT (the Orange Line), the Dapingwu Line (the Purple Line), the Taichung City Government aims to build the i-Doors to link up every corner of Taichung. MRT stations will become the important nodes for urban development of Taichung and with crowds at MRT stations and intensive land development that effectively utilize land resources, local development is expected to be stimulated to gradually realize the transit-oriented development (TOD) goal of mass transportation. Director General Yeh pointed out that among the land development of seven pieces of land at the six MRT stations, Kindom Construction Corp. in 2014 firstly invested in the construction of Wenhua High School Station and this time, it re-applied to participate in the land development project of Siwei Elementary School project and was selected as the best applicant. According to Director General Yeh, in terms of construction, the Siwei Elementary School Station and the Wenhua High School Station projects were both carried out by Chao Ying-Chieh Architects but unlike residential product design of the Wenhua High School Station, Kindom Construction Corp. was aware of the demands of offices pushed by the returning Taiwanese businessmen from China and increasing investment projects and adopted planning for the office building. Kindom Construction Corp. planned to build five underground levels and 22 floors on the ground for two stores and 189 offices. Based on the green transport concept, the building elevation will be presented as the vertical green belt and incorporated with coworking office spatial planning. Level 2 and 3 will be horizontally connected for practical use of public spaces to punctuate the green value of the building. Director General Yeh said the Taichung City Government has been continuously working on investment invitation in the City Hall Station that is located at the intersection of the MRT Blue Line and Green Line, occupies the largest base area and the highest floor area ratio and at present, there have been many potential investors who called to ask about the launch time. The Taichung City Government will soon begin its investment invitation and please pay attention to the newest announcements on the website of the Transportation Bureau.
  • Data update: 2021-08-16
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-10
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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