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A New Victory for the Land Development Project of the Taichung Green Line, Successful Investment Invitation in Nantun Station

Investment invitation for the land development project in Nantun Station of the Taichung Nantun Station began in last December and the applicant evaluation was conducted on June 25th. Radium Life Tech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary and joint investor of the Radium Group was selected with the estimated investment amount of NT$2.35 billion. According to Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, when the invitation was initiated in 2018, there were only a few interested investors. After Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen took over the office, all governmental agencies were asked to participate in investment invitation to build a good investment environment for Taichung with important infrastructure building, high quality workforce and comprehensive traffic networks. Although the COVID-19 impacted the MRT land development projects last year, the results of successful investment invitation for the Wenxin-Chungde Station and Wensin Sakura Station were reported and contracts were signed smoothly. This year, the land development projects of Siwei Elementary School Station and Nantun Station were consecutively launched and the evaluation for the best applicant of Nantun Station was conducted on June 25th. Land development projects of MRT stations became very popular in the market. The land development project of Nantun Station occupied the area of 771 pings with the respective required floor area rate and building coverage rate of 500% and 70%, respectively. The best applicant, Radium Life Tech Co., Ltd., planned to build a building of five underground levels and 27 floors on the ground with the total floor area of 11,070 pings consisting of 299 residential units and three stores. Designed with the concept of “the Forest Lung of Nantun,” the building is constructed with green elevation in the modernized and concise shape. Incorporated with Nantun culture and urban texture, the visual image is intertwined with vertical green vegetation that extends to the surrounding urban environment. The white continuous horizontal-vertical pillars with vertical vegetation are shown on the exterior wall at the intersection corner of Section 2 of Wuchuan West Rd. and Section 1 of Wenxin Rd. presenting the green and modern fashion. Director General Yeh said the MRT Green Line began its official operations on April 25th and feasibility studies of the Green Line expansion and Airport Express Line (the Orange Line) were submitted to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for approval and that of the Dapingwu Line (the Purple Line) was being conducted now by the Taichung City Government. The Taichung MRT network system was formed to indicate the new era of track development in Taichung and to gradually realize the vision of the transit-oriented development (TOD) vision. Director General Yeh pointed out that in addition to investment invitation in land development projects of Siwei Elementary School Station and Nantun Station, the investment invitation in land development project of City Hall Station at the intersection of MRT Blue Line and Green Line that attracts many prospects will soon be announced. The project occupies 2,000 pings with respective floor space rate and building coverage rate of 650% and 70% and has absolute competitiveness. Potential investors shall pay attention to the newest announcements on the website of the Transportation Bureau.
  • Data update: 2021-08-16
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-10
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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