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In Response to the Development of the Commercial District around Wenxiou Parking Lot, Adjustment of the Surrounding Bus Routes from 5/10

Due to the prosperous development of the commercial district and residential areas around Wenxiou Parking Lot in Xitun District, Taichung in recent years, the Transportation Bureau tried to resolve local traffic issues. Eight bus routes around Xiouwen Parking Lot and parking spaces were adjusted starting from May 10th. Four parking spaces were reserved for public buses to maintain local traffic safety. The Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Cho-Fu, said in earlier years, in order to enhance transit services via Overseas Chinese University between Wenxiou Parking Lot and Fengchia Commercial District, adjacent bus routes were adjusted and extended to Wenxiou Parking Lot but in recent years, due to prosperous development of the surrounding commercial district and residential areas, the Bureau conducted a comprehensive review on the bus routes for the benefit of those areas. The Bureau actively listened to local opinions and negotiated with bus transit operators to adjust the routes without affecting passengers' rights and to overall improve road safety. According to the Bureau, for adjustment, Line #5, #33, #35, #160, #199, #354, #358 departing for Wenxious Parking Lot still use the "Wenxiou Parking Lot Stop" on Hanxiang Rd. in the north of Wenxiou Park as the terminal station but starting terminal is changed to "Jifu Stop" on Fuxing Rd. to the south of Wenxiou Park. The route of "Hanxiang Rd.-Liming Rd." was changed to "Fuxing Rd.-Liming Rd." Additionally, in response to the commencement of the Central Park which attracts more bus passengers for recreation and tourism, the route of Line #25 was adjusted to "Liming Rd.-Kaixuan Rd." and stops on "the Intersection of Liming Rd. and Fuxing Rd.," "the Interaction of Liming Rd. and Qiaoda 3rd St.," "the Intersection of Liming Rd. and Qiaoda 6th Rd." and "the Interjunction of Kaixuan Rd. and Duhua Rd." were added to enhance mass transportation services of the Central Park. According to the Bureau, in consideration of the demands of bus waiting, a bus shelter was installed at "Jifutang" Stop that is moved from Liemei St. to Xiyuan Rd. and the surrounding parking spaces were reserved for public buses to maintain order. The roll planning method was adopted to continuously monitor the overall traffic situation. For more information about the routes of eight public bus lines, please use the Taichung Bus app or the Bus Dynamic Information System ( http://citybus.taichung.gov.tw ) to check real-time position of public buses and to save on bus waiting time.
  • Data update: 2021-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
  • Hit Count: 26