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Enhancement of Transit Efficacy of Triple Tracks and Public Bus - Commencement of Wuri South Bus Terminal Station

The Taichung MRT Green Line was officially operated on April 25th and to respond to the transformation of the TRA Wuri Station as the gate for the public to transit to the Taiwan Highspeed Rail, Taiwan Railway, the MRT and buses to Taichung downtown, the Taichung City Transportation Bureau synchronically opened the Wuri South Bus Terminal adjacent to the TRA Wuri Station on Gaotie East 1st Rd. In addition to the five bus routes that stop at Wuri Station, seven routes that travel to the coastal areas and tun areas (Dali, Taiping and Wufeng) were adjusted for the benefit of the passengers. Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, pointed out that in recent years, more and more bus run to the Taichung Bus Transit Station and platforms have been fully utilized. During the peak hours, traffic jams at the station impacted the bus transit efficiency. After the MRT Green Line began its official operations, the TRA Taichung Station, THSR Taichung Station and TRA XinWuri Station have become important transportation nodes of the great Taichung area. Hence, to improve overall service efficiency of the tri-track system and public bus, the Wuri South Bus Terminal Station was planned on Gotie East 1st Rd. and according to the operating direction, seven bus lines #3, #39, #93, #101, #102, #133 and #617 heading for coastal areas and Tun areas (Dali, Taiping, Wufeng) that originally stopped at the TSRT Taichung Station were adjusted to stop at Wuri South Bus Terminal Station. The adjustment measure via traffic segregation helped the public to identify bus routes and to improve service efficiency on the transit floor of the THSR Taichung Station. This also reduced about 20% of passenger vehicles flow on the transit floor of the THSR Taichung Station. The Bureau will review utilization of the terminal bus station on a roll planning basis to evaluate the possibility to add more route services. The Bureau added to improve the transit efficiency of Wuri South Bus Terminal Station, traffic segregation will be conducted at the bus waiting shelters in Zone A, B and C, respectively, heading for coastal areas, Changhua, Dali, Taiping and Wufeng and downtown and Lingdong. Passengers shall wait for their buses in the designated areas. Additionally, to enable passengers to be familiar with the route adjustment, bus transit operators are asked for more promotions. For relevant questions, call the 1999 Citizen Hotline or use the Taichung Bus app and Taichung Bus Dynamic Information System( http://citybus.taichung.gov.tw/cms/ )
  • Data update: 2021-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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