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New MRT Line - Overall Taichung MRT Network Plan Approved by the MOTC

The "Overall Taichung MRT Network Evaluation Plan" is the cornerstone to promote the Taichung MRT construction. The Taichung City Government in September, 2019 submitted the report to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) for approval. Finally, on April 15th, the MOTC, in principle, gave its approval. Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, said that it is a pleasure to obtain the approval of MOTC for the MRT network plan to build "the Taichung MRT in a Rich and Strong City." According to Director General Yeh, in coordination with the "Rules Governing Application and Review Operations of the MRT System Construction and Adjacent Land Development," local governments shall propose the overall network evaluation report to obtain approvals of the MOTC as the basis for future MRT Development. The Taichung City Government submitted the report to the MOTC in September, 2019 and after several rounds of document evaluation and the "Review Meeting of Scholars, Experts and Relevant Agencies," finally, the MOTC approved it on April 15th. Director General Yeh pointed out that the "Overall Taichung MRT Network Evaluation Plan" considers Taichung's future urban development and transportation demands to analyze the potential MRT corridor, plan future MRT network development and conduct phased promotion as the important foundation of future promotion of the Taichung MRT. Recently, the Taichung MRT Green Line (including extension), the Blue Line (including extension) and the Airport Express Line (the Orange Line) consist the important parts of the network to connect both international land and sea gateways such as the THSR Taichung Station, the Taichung Harbor and the Taichung International Airport and strengthen traffic networks in downtown and mountain and coastal areas. According to Director General Yeh, the MRT development vision starts from the Green Line that begins its official operations on April 25th as a single line to gradually promote the cross-shaped network with the connection to the Blue Line. Then a double cross axis will be formed when connecting to the Airport Express Line (the Orange Line) to construct the mainframe of the Taichung MRT system. When linking up the Dapingwu Line and the Green Line, a ring network will be built and continuously expand outwards to extend service scopes with the easily accessible Taichung MRT network. The Bureau described that the MRT Green Line was schedule to operate officially on April 25th; the comprehensive plan of the Blue Line was submitted to the MOTC for approval on March 4th; the feasibility study of the Airport Express Line (the Orange Line) was sent to the MOTC for review on April 9th; the feasibility study of the MRT Green Line extension to Dakeng and Changhua was under approval of the Executive Yuan; and the feasibility study of the Purple Line Dapingwu has been conducted and was expected to convene the seminar on feasibility study results in the first half year. Additionally, the middle and long-term network building including Chungde-Fengyuan Line, Axis Line of Fonke Axis Line and Kegong Line that serve the Fengyuan, Tanzi, Shangang, the Central Taiwan Science Park and the Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park to gradually promote and complete the surrounding public transportation and pedestrian system to build high quality, comfortable, convenient and sustainable transportation environment.
  • Data update: 2021-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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