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Review Submission of the Taichung MRT to the MOTC, Linking to the International Airport

After official trial operations of the MRT Green Line and submission of the MRT Blue Line comprehensive plan to the Central Government, the feasibility study of the Taichung Airport Express (the Orange Line) was also submitted to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) on April 9th for review. The Director General of the Taichung City Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, said that the Airport Express connects the Taichung International Airport and downtown area and the Tun areas, important transportation facilities, that about the international business, commuting, schooling, and medical transportation responsibilities. The Taichung City Government will actively obtain the approval of the Central Government. According to Director General Yeh, to construct the MRT network system in Taichung's urban area, the Taichung City Government actively promoted the MRT Airport Express Line (the Orange) plan and convened three seminars on the feasibility study in Daya District, Dali District, and North District since last June to listen to the opinions of the public and include them in planning. The plan was evaluated and approved by the Taichung City MRT Promotion Team and supported by the Taichung City Council. At present, the Airport Express Line was planned to include both underground and elevated construction from the Taichung International Airport, Daya downtown, Shuinan Trade and Economic Park, Yizhong Commercial District, Taichung Station, Chung Hsing University, the Taichung Software Park to the terminal station Wufeng Provincial Parliament with a total length of 29.2 kilometers, Among the 26 stations, 15 were planned as elevated ones and 11 underground ones. The Bureau pointed out that now Taichung has been devoted to the development of the MRT network as the main frame of mass transportation system and its priority objective was put on the MRT road network composed of the MRT Green Line (including extension), the MRT Blue Line (including extension) and the Airport Express Line (the Orange Line). After ensuring the safety of the improvement initiatives of the MRT Green Line, trial operations were scheduled to run for 30 days between March 25th and April 23rd. Official operations were set to begin on April 25th. The MRT Green Line was planned to extend its services to Dakeng and Changhua and the feasibility study was sent to the Executive Yuan for reviewing. The comprehensive planning of the MRT Blue Line was now complete and submission to the MOTC for reviewing was sent on March 4th. Additionally, the Purple Line, the Dapingwu Line, was expected to convene the seminar on feasibility study within the first half year to listen to public opinions. The Bureau described in the future, the Taichung City Government will gradually complete the Taichung MRT network and connected adjacent public transportation and pedestrian system to build high quality, comfortable, convenient and sustainable transportation environment.
  • Data update: 2021-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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