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The Upgraded Transit Environment! The Newly Installed Smart Bus Stop Sign at the Taichung MRT Daqing Station

The Taichung MRT Green Line began its trial operations and was scheduled to operate officially on April 25th. To build the passenger friendly transit environment, the Taichung City Transportation Bureau continuously constructed bus shelters and installed smart bus stop signs. At present, during the pedestrian walkway expansion on Wenxin Rd. and Wenxin South Rd., bus shelters and nearby smart bus stop signs were installed. Yesterday (2nd) the bus pole at the MRT Daqing Station was completed by replacing a solar electronic smart bus stop sign and installing chairs for passengers to wait for their buses.
Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, said that the Taichung City Government continuously built the MRT rider-friendly transit environment and at present, when expanding pedestrian walkway, bus shelters and smart bus stop signs were constructed on Wenxin Rd. and Wenxin South Rd. Although due to insufficient space, constructions on the other sections were suspended, but the Bureau continuously looked for possible sites on Songzhu Rd. and Jianguo North Rd. With the change of hardware equipment, passengers can be provided with a good bus waiting environment.
According to the Bureau, six public bus lines, #99, #127 Extensive, #158, #242, #356, #800, one express bus line #6188 and two Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus lines #6670 and #6883, totaling nine stop at the “MRT Daqing Station (on Jianguo North Rd.). Earlier for convenience, passengers used the pedestrian crossing on Jianguo North Rd. The stop originally was at the intersection of Jianguo North Rd. and Daqing St. and at the end of last year, in coordination with trail operations of the MRT Green Line, the stop was moved to the front of #1 Exit of Daqing Station to benefit indoor transit at the MRT station on the concourse level and greatly improved the riding environment. Reports were received about the close distance of bus poles and the difficulty to read bus route maps. After immediate on-site review, the Bureau yesterday installed solar electronic smart bus stop signs and chairs for passengers.
The Bureau said that if there is sufficient space, stops of the Taichung bus will first install large congregate pole and it will continuously review bus stops along the MRT line. For stops where there are several bus lines travelling by, large congregate poles or increasing distance will be used to provide a good bus waiting environment for passengers.(4/3*18)*The Transportation Bureau
  • Data update: 2021-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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