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Gaining Approval of the Taichung MRT Blue Line from the Central Government; the Seminar on EIS to Listen to Local Opinions

The report on the comprehensive planning of the Taichung MRT Blue Line was submitted to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications on March 4th for review. To actively gain the approval of the Central Government, the Taichung City Transportation Bureau last night (the 30th) convened the "Open Meeting on the MRT Blue Line Environmental Impact Statement" at the Shalu District Office to describe the relevant contents to Taichung citizens and included the public opinions raised on the site for evaluation reference to complete overall construction of the MRT Blue Line. The Bureau said the main contents of the EIS was published on the Environmental Development Project Forum of the Environmental Protection on March 17th that describes weather conditions, air quality, noise and vibration level, water structure, soil, geology and topology, waste, ecology, landscape and recreation, social economy, transportation and culture along the MRT Blue Line for practical evaluations of the environmental impact on the surrounding areas during construction and operating stages. Furthermore, through the open meeting, communications on policies and public opinions were included in the EIS. The Bureau pointed out that at the meeting, many citizens and public representatives took part and voiced their opinions towards the addition of the MRT Pingding Station, connection of the TRA Shalu Station and the MRT Blue Line, preservation of the Bridge of the Wing of Shalu, ecological conservation at the designated Longjing Machinery Factory, impact of the southwestern bound link-out way of the Central Taiwan Science Park, and traffic control and monitoring during construction. Solutions were discussed and relevant suggestions were included in evaluations. The Bureau said citizens who did not attend the meeting can also send their opinions in writing to #101, Minchun Rd., West District, Taichung City before April 7th. Do indicate "Comments of Environmental Impact to the Taichung City Transportation Bureau" on the front of the envelope or fax to 04-2229-5712. Suggestions can also be posted on the "Environmental Development Forum-C. Discussion-Current Discussion Area"( http://eiadoc.epa.gov.tw/EIAFORUM/ ). Any and all public suggestions and feedbacks are welcome. According to the Bureau, the Taichung MRT Blue Line starts from the west near the Taichung Harbor and travels on the elevated route to the east to Taiwan Boulevard. When it enters Longjing, it goes underground continuously to the east along Taiwan Boulevard to the TRA Taichung Station at the total elevated length of 10.3 kilometers and underground length of 14.48 kilometers. There are eight elevated stations, 12 underground stations and one machinery factory planned. The MRT Blue Line and Green Line merge and form the cross-shaped traffic network that brings great convenience to Taichung. The Bureau is open to all suggestions to promote the MRT Blue Line and gradually builds anywhere doors in Taichung. Legislator Chen Bo-wei, Vice Speaker of the Taichung Council, Yen Li-Min, Councilmen Chen Ting-Hsiou, Chang Chia-An, Wang Li-Ren and Yang Ding-Chung attended yesterday's meeting while Vice Speaker of the Legislative Yuan, Tsai Chi-Chang, Legislator, Liao Wan-Chian, Speaker of the Taichung Council, Chang Ching-Chao and Councilman Lin Meng-Ling sent their staff to attend the meeting with several leaders of local communities.
  • Data update: 2021-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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