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Sideline Bus #307 Launched to Serve New Communities in Wuqi

In response to the increasing numbers and demands in the Wuqi replotting zone, the Taichung City Government coordinated with Taichung Bus to add sideline bus #307 to travel between Siwei Rd., Dazhi Rd., Wenhua Rd., Taiwan Boulevard and Taichung Station with the addition of three di-directional stops at the "Intersection of Siwei Rd. and Gangxin 5th Rd.," the "Intersection of Siwei Rd. and Dayong Rd." and "Dingyuliao Park (on Siwei Rd.)." Buses depart from "Intersection of Siwei Rd. and Gangxin 5th Rd." at four scheduled intervals, 06:10, 08:55, 12:55 and 15:50 and immediately return to Wuqi after arriving Taichung Station. In the future, the timetable will be adjusted according to roll planning. Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, said large community construction projects inside Wuqi replotting zone have been continuously completed and there will be increasing demands for mass transportation. The Bureau took the lead to make prior preparation to build the bus transit network. Without interrupting the existing operations of Line #307, now new Sideline #307 was added to provide more convenient services for local residents to transit to Wuqi downtown, Tung's Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, and downtown Taichung. Passengers can easily transit to other bus transit network on Taiwan Boulevard. The Bureau reminded passengers that Sub-line #307 does not go to Wuqi Fishing Port and Gancheng, Yizhong Commercial District and Xinmin High School.
  • Data update: 2021-08-19
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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