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More than 1.27 Million Registrations for Taichung’s Free Bus Travel Scheme; Minor Adjustments of Service Time and Sites since March

The new Double 10 free bus travel scheme was launched on January 1, 2021 with registrations and card holders under the scheme over 1.27 million. Director General Yeh Chao-Fu of the Transportation Bureau said minor adjustments of registration services have been done since March. Wuri Station and Yangming Civic Building now do not provide registration services and registration services are now available at the Office of the Transportation Bureau. Service time at noon time and at night at libraries are also cancelled and the rest service hours remain unchanged. The public is encourage to make use of the services.
Director General Yeh explained the double ten free bus travel scheme is "exclusively for Taichung citizens" was launched on January 1, this year and 95 service stations have been serving the public for almost three months and registrations of more than 1.27 million cardholders are now completed. At present, demands for registration under the scheme have been weak and after evaluation of service sites and registration number, since March, minor adjustments of service site and hour have been conducted. MRT Wuri Station and Yangming Civic Building with fewer registration numbers are now terminated while registration services are available at the office of the Taichung City Transportation Bureau for the convenience of the public to inquire relevant transport issues.
In terms for adjustments of service hour, since March, services at noon time (12:00-13:00) and night services at libraries are terminated. If a cardholder needs registration services at night time on weekdays, he/she can go to the five MRT stations announced by the Taichung City Government. The rest of the registration sites and hours remain the same and the public is welcome to make the best use of them.
Director General Yeh reminded that on the public holiday of Peace Memorial Day, February 28, all registration sites will not offer registration services. Although March 1 is still a continuous holiday, yet five MRT stations will still provide registration services. After March 2, all 94 registration sites announce by the Taichung City Government will continuously provide registration services. For relevant information, please visit the "Taichung Pass Card Exclusive for Taichung Citizens"(https://idoor.taichung.gov.tw/).
The Bureau said the "Taichung Pass Card Exclusive for Taichung Citizens" shall only be used by the cardholder and inspections will be conducted by the Bureau from time to time. If the card is transferred or used by others, discounts will be cancelled for more than one year after the date when the pass violation is found. Users are called to follow the rules.
Additionally, Taichung citizens who filled their registration information online shall bring their national identification cards and pass regularly used to a registration site to complete their registration under the free bus scheme. Inquiries for the registration process and pass number can be conducted on the webpage of "Inquiry for Registration" on website exclusive for Taichung citizens(https://idoor.taichung.gov.tw/).
  • Data update: 2021-08-17
  • Publish Date: 2021-08-12
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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