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Promotion of the Taichung Shopping Festival by Bus Art around Taiwan

Promotion of the Taichung Shopping Festival by Bus Art
Promotion of the Taichung Shopping Festival by Bus Art

The 2021 Taichung Shopping Festival was launched on October 10th and bus operators in Taichung actively participated in the event. Incorporating with the Double Ten Bus Policy exclusively for Taichung citizens, bus operators offer routes for their riders to shop around Taichung. Bus operators around Taiwan including Taichung, Taipei and Kaohsiung responded to the event by putting visual promotion by bus art to attract more visitors to shop in Taichung and to stimulate the local economy.

Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, said in order to promote the 2021 Shopping Festival, his Bureau not only worked with bus operations around Taiwan to promote the event by bus art but also provided relevant information via LED display at bus stop shelters, on the dynamic system website of public bus and on the Facebook fan page to share the shopping spree and to invite shoppers to go shopping using buses in Taichung's shops and business districts. According to the Bureau, shoppers are welcome to ride on the MRT, buses and public cabs to shop in Taichung and during the Festival (from October 10th to December 9th), shoppers with the accumulated shopping amount of NT$500 and more are eligible to enter daily, weekly and monthly lucky draws to win cash prizes and the top prize of a luxury house with values of a dozen million dollars. The public is welcome to ride on public transport to shop around Taichung and for more information, please check the official website of the Taichung Shopping Festival.

  • Data update: 2021-10-21
  • Publish Date: 2021-10-21
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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