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Taichung's 2022 Eye-Catching Firefighter Calendar, Promoting Fire Safety Awareness and Professionalism, Said Mayor Lu

Taichung's 2022 Eye-Catching Firefighter Calendar, Promoting Fire Safety Awareness and Professionalism, Said Mayor Lu
Taichung's 2022 Eye-Catching Firefighter Calendar, Promoting Fire Safety Awareness and Professionalism, Said Mayor Lu
The Taichung City Government Fire Bureau today (22nd) released the 2022 Firefighter Calendar featuring 12 male and 4 female ambassador firefighters. The calendar showcased professional firefighting work and 12 firefighting engines including an aerial ladder fire truck and a tanker fire engine, were introduced each month. Additionally, there were reminders of fire safety. When attending the press conference, Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen showed her gratitude for the firefighters who protect Taichung and with the calendar, she hopes that respect can be paid to the firefighters and at the same time, fire safety knowledge can be conveyed.
According to Mayor Lu, Taichung City has 1,700 formal as well as 2,800 voluntary ones. After she took over the office, the Taichung City Government began releasing firefighter calendars with four purposes: introducing firefighters to the citizens of Taichung; boosting trust in firefighters; showing respect and love to firefighters; and improving fire safety awareness. Firefighter calendars demonstrate not only the power and strength of firefighters but also basic firefighting knowledge.
The Bureau pointed out that the theme of the 2022 Firefighter Calendar is "Image, Dynamic and Fire Engine" featuring 16 image ambassadors selected in a two-phase evaluation. Fire stations, the Harp Bridge and Taichung's landmark building, the National Taichung Theater, were selected as the photo sites to add highlights to the calendar.
The Fire Bureau further pointed out that each month, a fire engine was also introduced including tanker fire engine, straight aerial ladder fire truck, ambulance, chemical fire engine, heavy tanker fire engine, fume exhauster truck, command car, chemical hazard rescue vehicle, curved aerial ladder fire truck, air compressor fire engine, fire guard car and rescue appliances truck in the calendar, a professional one, to enable the public to clearly understand equipment and functions of fire engines.
The Bureau said that during the four-day and four-night photo shooting, prevention and control measures were strictly observed during the pandemic and each image ambassador was fully vaccinated with two jabs. Rapid tests were conducted to ensure the health of each one during the photo shooting. The good news also included the newly-wed firefighters who were registered on the photo day that brought more warmth and amiability to the photo shooting.
According to the Bureau, this image calendar will be given away free and interested citizens can participate in the event on Facebook to receive the calendar. Participants in charity events such as donation to the ten November-December paper consumption invoices at 18 designated brigades at 9:00 am on November 27th and blood donation at four designated sites on December 30th will also be eligible to receive one calendar as a gift. Those who miss out today can avail of the opportunity. For more information, please visit the Facebook of the Taichung City Government Fire Bureau (https://www.facebook.com/tccfwebfans/).
In today's press conference, two new models of the aerial ladder fire truck were demonstrated to enable the public to know more about functions of firefighting apparatus. Mayor Lu, Councilmen Lu Shi-Chou and Ran Ling-Hsuan and office representatives of Councilmen Wang Li-Ren, Chen Cheng-Tian, Huang Hsing-Hui, Chen Wen-Cheng, Chang Chia-An, and Chu Nuan-Ying all attended the press conference.

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  • Data update: 2021-11-29
  • Publish Date: 2021-11-24
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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