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33 Public Bus Drivers Recognized in the 2021 Golden Transport Awards Ceremony to Encourage High Quality Services

The Taichung City Transportation Bureau continuously built the brand values of Taichung City buses by recognizing drivers who have done a great job. The "2021 Golden Transport Awards Ceremony" was held today (the 21st) and the Director General of the Transportation Bureau, Yeh Chao-Fu, presented awards to drivers who received the most votes online and were devoted to services to show his appreciation for their selfless contributions. Additionally, 27 drivers of public bus were also recognized and that brought the total number of drivers who received special honors to 33 to encourage service improvement and building of a friendly and convenient mass transportation environment. According to Director General Yeh, in order to build Taichung into a low carbon city and improve air quality, the Taichung City Government continuously implemented policies such as Double Ten Bus, exclusive incentives for Taichung citizens, introduction of electric buses and i-door to encourage the public to use mass transportation. The bus networks were also expanded. Since drivers of public buses are the unknown heroes behind the promotion and practice of transportation policies, this Ceremony especially included the category in Best Online Popularity to allow riders of public buses to vote for their best drivers via the internet and app on smartphones and to hear public opinion. There was also the category of Meritorious Service to recognize good drivers publicly. Winners are the model of best drivers to improve both service quality and driving safety. Director General Yeh added that under the theme of "Changing Taichung and Unlimited Transportation," the Golden Transport Awards was designed with the image of two golden circles that represent the combination of the existing mass transportation system and tracks as a symbol of convenience and realization of I-door concept to provide diverse options of mass transportation to Taichung citizens. Due to the impact of the pandemic this year, the infinity symbol shows unlimited transportation. Two Circles and the infinity symbol make a bow, a lucky symbol, to pray for smooth transportation operations. The Bureau said good drivers are recommended by various bus operators and this year, there is a new criteria that requires no traffic violation records reported during their operations to select the good drivers that meet the demands for both service quality and driving safety. Good drivers recognized this time included Lin Chun-Hou, Hsu He-Sheng, Chen Nan-Chou, and Yang Yuan-Cheng of Fengyuan Bus; Tang Yu-Min, He Chiu-Fu, Lin Chien-Chung, and He Sheng-Ying of Taichung Bus; Kang Lien-Chie and Lo Chao-Bing of Ubus; Wang Ting-Miao and Chiu Da-Cheng of CTBus; Chou Guo-Bing and Lin Chia-Ying of Zhong-Lu Bus; Shi Jui-Lung and Tsai Chi-Ming of GEYA Bus; Chang Chung-Liang of Southeast Bus; Cheng Wei-Yuan of JS Bus; Lai Ping-Jung of SF E-Bus; Wang Chi-Cheng of Daewoo HIGH-STEP BUS; Shi Chi-Hsien of Green Transit; Chung De-Shun of Chuan Hang; Chiu Chi-Wei of Ho-Hsin Bus; Tseng Chi-Hua of Kuo-Kuang Bus; Yu Hung-Kuo of Free Go Bus; Sun Ching-Liang of Miaoli Motor; and Hsiao Shi-Hung of All Day Bus. Recipients of the Meritorious Service Award were Chan Chi-Kai of Fengyuan Bus, Hsieh Ming-Yu of Ubus, and Tsai Chung-Hua of GEYA Bus while winners of Highest Online Popularity were Tsai Chi-Tsung of GEYA Bus, Lin Wen-Hsu of Fengyuan Bus, Hung Jui-Cheng of Taichung Bus and Chen Da-Heng of Ho-Hsin Bus among other nominees of Chang Ding-Tsai of Ubus, Huang De-Hsin of SF E-Bus, Ying Ying of CT Bus, and Kan Fu-Guai of JS Bus. The Bureau said that through the recognition of these good drivers, the reputation of public transportation services in Taichung was further built up and it also expected that drivers of public buses will continuously provide safe and reliable transportation services in Taichung by treating passengers as their own family members.
  • Data update: 2021-12-16
  • Publish Date: 2021-12-13
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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