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Light Up Taichung! 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival Taichung Tiger YA! will launch on February 12.

Light Up Taichung - 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival Taichung Tiger YA will launch on February 12.
Light Up Taichung - 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival Taichung Tiger YA will launch on February 12.
The most dynamic, colorful and happy 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taichung Tiger YA!, will be grandly held at the Taichung City Wenxin Forest Park between February 12 and February 20 for 9 days. Today (1/18) at the press conference, Deputy Mayor Linghu Jung-da who wore a tiger-print face mask for the occasion introduced the 10-meter high main lantern, Tiger God of Taichung. He expressed that, apart from the cute main lantern of tiger and Popo Tiger hand lantern incorporated with local element, a superb cast would also bring an exceptional performance on the festival opening day on February 12, and everyone would be invited to enjoy the great lantern show in Taichung!

Deputy Mayor Linghu said that, in order to light up entire Taichung and continue the happy festival atmosphere of last year’s Xmas (Taichung is So Sweet) and new year carnivals, the Tourism and Travel Bureau (the Bureau) had decorated the five themed lantern areas of 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival with over 30 traditional lantern sets, 20 dynamic lantern sets, and a cultural and creative market. Among the five themed lanterns, the Tiger God lantern is a great momentum, symbolizing magnificent development Taichung. A three-minute lantern show along the side will be presented with music and lights. Apart from the opening and closing ceremonies, there will be a banquet of nostalgic folk songs, enabling visitors in their sixties and seventies to relive the good old time. The Taichung City Government sincerely invites all people around Taiwan to visit the lantern festival, and it is easily accessible by taking the TMRT Green Line. People will be able to emjoy the dynamic and colorful lights and feel the warm and healing atmosphere amid the pandemic.

The Bureau expressed that, orienting towards environmental protection issues and incorporating theater experience, the lantern festival was decorated with over 30 light sets to build a forest-like main lantern area. The 10-meter-high main lantern Tiger God of Taichung is homophonically similar to “Taichung is rich” in Taiwanese Hokkien. Being a god that eradicates evils and diseases, Tiger God also symbolizes the prospect of Taichung of becoming a wealthy city and having a prosperous development. Moreover, a three-minute main lantern show, which will be presented with music and light, has been arranged to set off the city’s development and effort in ecological restoration.

The Bureau pointed out the extremely cute hand lantern Popo Tiger was definitely most eye-catching. The little tiger with big eyes pops out its hand and has its chubby tiger claws placed at the edge of the cup. After switching on the lantern, you will see the cute, creative and local elements printed on the cup, including Taichung Park Pavilion, National Taichung Theater, Gaomei Wetlands, and the sun cake, and the cup transforms into a seven-color Taichung Popo Tiger bubble milk tea . On every day during the lantern festival, queuing for the hand lanterns will start at 3 p.m., and the hand lanterns will be distributed starting from 4 p.m. Due to limited availability, each person is limited to receive only one hand lantern and only while supplies last.

The Bureau indicated that, apart from various bright and colorful lanterns, the lantern festival show cast would also be splendid and eye-catching. The opening ceremony will be held on the evening of February 12, various performing artists – Golden Melody Award winner Hsu Chia-ying (Lala), singer of “Stardom” Andrew Tan, Liang Wen-yin (Leheane Palray) who has a healing beautiful voice, and Bunun singer-songwriter Wang Hung-en (Biung Sauhluman Tankisia Takisvislainan Tak-Banuaz) – will gather together to kick off the lantern festival. Apart from relishing the lanterns and watching the performance, a cultural creative market, Huasen Good Market (homophonically similar to “a good thing will happen” in Mandarin), will also be held. About a hundred stalls will bring fine handicrafts, agricultural products, art creations, and other distinctive products at the market, and good luck for each day of 2022 to all visitors.

The Bureau explained that this year’s lantern festival had five themed lantern areas, including the Vigorous Tiger which continues the traditional festival imagery; 52 Ocean that advocates environmental protection; Light Speed World that makes you feel like entering into a sci-fi movie; Grains of the Land that promotes eco-friendly agriculture; and The Fox Masquerading as a Tiger. Apart from these, you will also find the 12 Chinese zodiac animals having party; a giant killer whale swinging its tail fin; the cute tap-dancing plants; a mechanical giant that has fully created a sense of technology; and the funny version of grand aunt tigress, which are only available in this year’s lantern festival. The guest-welcoming gate of Taichung Tiger YA, which is decorated with the shadows of forest animals, is also a must-visit spot for photos .

The Bureau further stated that, as this year’s lantern festival also symbolized the rebirth of Taichung City and economic restoration after the pandemic. Many companies from the private sector had actively participated in this grand events, including Chunghwa Post, Taiwan Optical Platform, San Zhong Gang Outlet, VITALON Foundation, Long Bao Construction, Huan Serviced Residences and Sweeten Construction, Taichung Metro (TMRT), EasyCard Corporation, Siliconware Precision Industries, Taipei Triangle Motors, Victor Taichung Machinery Works, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Machan International, Hus Tai Plastic Roofing Board, ImPress Solutions, Johnson Health Tech, OAV Equipment And Tools, Fengyuan Branch of Pacific Department Store, Far Eastern A.Mart, CHMER, LEGO Taiwan, Taichung City Wuri Shinan Industrial Manufacturers Association, Cheng Yi Engineering Consultants, Taichung City Tanya Shen Industrial Manufacturers Association (TYSIA), Fair & Cheer Incorporated, Sun Rise Engineering Consultant, Living Fountain Plastic Industrial, CPC Corporation, Cathay Life Insurance, Cheng Loong Corp., Tien Kang, Domma Metal Industrial, Yung Hung Precision Machinery, Shin Chung Natural Gas, and Donghih Forest Garden. The combined power of the public and private sectors have shown hopes and inspiration after the pandemic.

The Bureau expressed that 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival is not only fun, but also a good place to take photos and shop. People can visit the Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau’s website, Play in Taichung (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/), for more detailed information. The Bureau also would like to remind everyone that eating or drinking is prohibited in the lantern exhibition areas. When visiting the lantern festival, face masks must be worn at all time throughout the visit and frequent wash hands and social distancing are required. We wish you a happy trip and a safe return home.

Deputy Mayor Linghu, Director of Tourism and Travel Bureau Han Yu-chi, Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau Chen Chia-chun, TMRT Chairman Lin Chih-ying, Deputy Director of Agricultural Bureau Tsai Yung-sheng, Deputy Director-General of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee Wang Wen-hsing, and Councilor Liu Shih-chou have all attended today’s press conference. Councilor Huang Hsing-hui, Chen Wen-cheng’s service team, Chairman of Taichung City Hotel Association Ho Hsin-tsang, Chairman of Taichung International Tourism Association Chai Chun-lin; Chairman of Taichung City B&B Association Lu Kuan-chan, Secretary General of Taichung Tourist Hotel Association Hsu Chih-jen, Chairman of Taichung GIFT Association Cheng Jen-hao, Chairman of Taichung City Wufeng Culture Tourism Association Lin Chun-ming, Chairman of Taichung City Lohas Alliance Association Hung Ming-feng, Chairman of Taichung Industry Story Hall Development Association Wu Pei-na, Former Chairman of Tourism Association of Taichung Chao Cheng-nien, Deputy Chaiman of the Association of Taichung Travel Agency Yang Ming-feng, convenor of Taichung City Bakery Association Chi Hsu-tung, and marketing partners and companies also joined this event.
  • Data update: 2022-01-24
  • Publish Date: 2022-01-22
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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