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Taichung City Government launches traffic relief plan as Lunar New Year approaches .

Traffic relief plan during the Lunar New Year holiday
Traffic relief plan during the Lunar New Year holiday
As Lunar new year is just around the corner, the Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government has launched a traffic relief plan. During the Lunar New Year period, city bus services will continue and traffic control measures will be implemented in sightseeing areas (e.g., Dajia Jenn Lann Temple) and department store shopping areas; and taxi services will be charged according to the taximeter (a Lunar New Year surcharge of NT$50 is included) between January 28 and February 6. Director General of Transportation Bureau Yeh Chao-Fu expresses that, as this year’s Lunar New Year holiday starts from January 29 to February 6, Taichung City Government is proposing to put public transportation, traffic relief plans for national freeway, and traffic control measures in place for this long holiday. In respect to public transportation, Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) will deploy 450 trains (222 trains southbound and 228 northbound) between January 27 and February 7, totally 2,166 trains over 12 days; and Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) will operate 309 additional trains, and additional carriage will be attached to 669 trains between January 27 and February 7 to relieve crowds during peak hours; and MRT Green Line will operate between 6:00 and 24:00 on weekend/holiday time schedules, and accommodate for passengers of the last THSR train; the additional MRT train from HSR Taichung Station and Beitun Terminal Station will depart at 0:15 each day as usual. As for bus service providers, freeway bus service providers will run extra shifts depending on the situation; and city bus service providers will cut down the shifts by half on January 31 (Lunar New Year Eve) and adjust the number of shifts between February 1 and 5 depending on operational needs.

Director General Yeh adds that, in response to the traffic volume on national freeway, the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) measure will apply to National Freeway No. 1 (between Kaohsiung and Hukou) and National Freeway No. 3 (between Jiouru and Daxi) on February 3 and 4; and Wantian Interchange of National Freeway 1 will be closed (both directions) between February 3 and 5 and no vehicle will be allowed to enter the Freeway therefrom. All citizens are reminded to pay attention to control measures for national freeways. As for road sections in Central Taiwan, the shoulders of National Freeway No. 1 will be open between Fengyuan and Taichung; and Taichung City Government will assist the Freeway Bureau in adjusting the opening hours and sections based on the situation.

Director General Yeh indicated that the Transportation Bureau already completed the installation of smart dynamic traffic signaling system in surrounding roads of Daya Interchange, Taichung Interchange and Nantun Interchange of National Freeway No. 1; Zhongqing Road; and Wuquan West Road. The system can timely adjust the timing of traffic light at intersections according to the real-time traffic flow, traveling time and driving speed. When traffic jam occurs in interchange surrounded areas, the traffic control center will report it to the Freeway Bureau to increase the time of green light controlled by Ramp Metering System (RMS); and update Lunar New Year traffic relief and control measures related information on the website, mobile phone APP and CMS (Changeable Ramp Metering) to improve road traffic.

As for popular sightseeing spots and shopping areas during the Lunar New Year, traffic control measures will also be implemented accordingly. Director General Yeh explains that traffic controls will be implemented on surrounding roads of Dajia Jenn Lann Temple between February 1 (the 1st day of Lunar New Year) and February 6 (the 6th day of Lunar New Year), where some roads will be prohibited from entering or only allowing for one-way travel between 8:00 and 20:00 each day. The traffic control time may be advanced or extended depending on actual traffic flow.

The Transportation Bureau expresses that, to facilitate people from greater Lishan area to return home during the Lunar New Year, the access hours for Detour 37 of Provincial Highway No.8 (Central Cross-Island Detour) will be increased during the Lunar New Year holiday based on the policy of Directorate General of Highways. Taichung City Government will coordinate with Fengyuan Bus Transportation to increase the bus frequency of Bus Local 865 (from Gushan to Lishan) between February 1 and 5 (totally five days). For travel direction from Guguan to Lishan, 865 Local Bus (from Lishan to Guguan) will be dispatched at 6:45 and 9:45. For travel direction from Lishan and Guguan, 865 Route Bus will be dispatched at 6:10 and 11:10; and 865 Local Bus will be dispatched at 15:40 (two buses will be dispatched consecutively). For travel direction from Fengyuan to Lishan, 865 Route Bus will be dispatched at 10:05 and 14:30.

For shopping areas around Top City Taichung Store, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store and Chungyo Department Store, the traffic maintenance plan for holidays will be implemented. As parking demand is high during the Lunar New Year period, the Parking Management Office of Taichung City will also strengthen enforcement of parking inspections between January 13 and February 6. With a focus on traffic nodes and shopping areas, the Office will expand inspections on the charging rates standards and illegal parking facilities; and request operators to properly label the parking rates, charge parking fees according to their registration certificates, and clearly display the rate on the business notice board. For those who increase the parking rate arbitrarily or fail to charge parking fees according to the public announcement, a penalty of NT$3,000 to NT$15,000 will be imposed in accordance with Parking Facility Act; and a time limit for correction or improvement will be set. Those who fail to improve after the time limit, the operators will be ordered to cease operation of the business and the registration certificate will be revoked.

To facilitate parking in the City, Taichung City Government will suspend the collection of parking fees in some areas between January 31 (the Lunar New Year’s Eve) and February 4 (the 4th of Lunar New Year). The range of suspension includes roadside parking lots (for automobiles and motorcycles) and public unenclosed off-street surface parking. For enclosed surface parking and parking towers with controlled access, charges will apply as usual.

In addition, the taxi services will charge according to the taximeter from 0:00 on January 28 to 24:00 on February 6. Taxi drivers shall select the “Lunar New Year Charge Rate” (a Lunar New Year bonus of NT$50 has been added thereto) option in the taximeter. Otherwise, no additional fee shall be charged by taxi drivers.

A 24-hour service will also be provided during the Lunar New Year holiday, The Transportation Bureau will be on stand by 24 hours a day to eliminate all traffic light failure. Also, between January 29 and February 7, all vehicle impound yards will continue to provide vehicle release services between 7:00 and 24:00. The impoundment will take place primarily if a vehicle occupies the bus stop area, seriously affects the transportation due to parking side-by-side, and blocks the access of public areas. People who need to retrieve their vehicle license at the end of the impoundment period during the Lunar New Year holiday (between January 29 and February 6) may submit their applications by going to Fengyuan Police Office Station on the day after the expiry of impoundment period.

Once again, Director General Yeh reminds road users to pay close attention to driving safety. Do not drive while tired, and follow traffic control measure to facilitate a smooth driving experience and safe Lunar New Year holiday for all.
  • Data update: 2022-01-28
  • Publish Date: 2022-01-26
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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