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Traffic information for the 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival - MRT offers the most convenience

Traffic information of the 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival - MRT offers the most convenience
Traffic information of the 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival - MRT offers the most convenience
2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival "Taichung HU YEH, YA" will be held at Wenxin Forest Park. The activity runs for nine days, from February 12 to February 20. The centerpiece lantern is the 10-meter-high "Taichung HU YEH," which will turn on at 7:20 on the opening night. Besides the centerpiece lantern, there are five themed lantern zones, including more than 30 lantern groups, more than 20 dynamic light groups, and a cultural and creative market. In anticipation of the number of people who will be visiting to see the lanterns, the city government encourages everyone to use the MRT and buses to get to the lantern area, as taking public transportation is time-saving and convenient!
Director of Transportation Bureau Yeh Chao-fu, said that the event venue is close to the Wenxin Forest Park Station of the MRT green line, so taking the MRT is the smartest choice. Citizens can take the MRT directly to the lantern area. If visitors from other counties and cities are taking the Taiwan High-Speed Rail, they can get off at Taichung station and transfer to the MRT green line to the Wenxin Forest Park station. People who take the Taiwan Railway can get off at Daqing or Songzhu station, transfer to the MRT green line to the Wenxin Forest Park Station, and they will be able to see the lantern area as soon as they get out of the station. Besides, Taichung MRT also increased the frequency of trains during the Lantern Festival. The usual train interval during peak hours on weekdays is 6.5 minutes, and this time, additional trains will be dispatched according to the demand of lantern viewing visitors. Also, the frequency of holiday train intervals will be shortened from 10 minutes all day originally to 8 minutes during peak hours. The total number of trains during the Lantern Festival will be increased by 60.
Director of Transportation Bureau Yeh Chao-fu, said that there are many bus routes around Wenxin Forest Park, including 11 bus routes such as 5, 73, 83, 89, 157, 290, 356, 359, 365, Green 2, and Green 3. People are welcome to take buses to the lantern area. In response to the epidemic prevention period, people should wear masks during the whole journey when taking public transport. Before entering the lantern area, please cooperate with the body temperature measurement and conduct name registration to protect each other's safety.
Director Yeh pointed out that people who want to drive or ride to the Lantern Festival don't have to worry about traffic jams when they park near MRT stations. People can park their cars in the parking lots around the stations along the MRT line, such as the Taichung Metropolitan Park, Shui-an Temple, and Feng-le Park parking lots, etc., and then catch the MRT to get the lantern area. In addition, the Transportation Bureau has added a Lantern Festival Zone to the Taichung Traffic Information App, which is convenient for the public to click the link to the Lantern Festival official website, making it more convenient to access various information. In addition, clicking on the Parking Lot Around Attractions function in the App allows them to check the name of the parking lot around the MRT and display the remaining car spaces. People can also navigate there directly and are welcome to take advantage of the App.
Director Yeh would like to remind everyone that the Transportation Department will carry out traffic control on surrounding roads and strictly prohibit illegal parking of vehicles to maintain the traffic flow around the lantern area from February 11 to February 20 (trial operation on February 11). Control hours are from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm on weekdays and 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm on holidays. No parking is allowed on the side of the venue at Dadun 7th Street, Huiwen Road, and the first section of Wenxin Road near the site. From Dadun 7th Street to Huiwen Intersection, Xiangxue Road to Huiwen Intersection, and the exit of Huiwen Road of multiple-purpose 95 Parking Lot are all restricted from turning left. The public should cooperate with the on-site guidance signs and the instructions of the traffic control personnel when driving.
Director Yeh advised that the main roads around the lantern area, including the second section of Shangxiang Road and the first section of Wenxin Road, will experience heavy traffic flow. He recommended that people take the MRT and buses to the Lantern Festival to avoid traffic jams. For more information about the Lantern Festival, please visit the event official website (https://bit.ly/34Co8no). Welcome to Wenxin Forest Park to enjoy the lanterns, and the Taichung city government wishes everyone happy travels and safe trips home.
  • Data update: 2022-02-14
  • Publish Date: 2022-02-10
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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