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Total prize pool of up to NTD 1.2 million! "Taichung International Animation Festival" short films submission deadline is June 30.

Calls for the International animated short films.
Calls for the International animated short films.

The clock is ticking! With the strong support of the Taichung City Government and the Information Bureau, the Taichung Film Development Foundation is hosting the short film competition of the 8th Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF), with a total prize pool of up to NTD 1.2 million. Since the opening of the application in April this year, it has obtained more than 1000 excellent pieces of work. The application will be closed on June 30. The Foundation would like to encourage animation creators to take the last chance to submit their work.

The Taichung Film Development Foundation pointed out that the short film competition of the Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF) encourages short films of various technical media at home and abroad to participate. The number of short film competition entries this year still reached a record high despite the impact of the COVID-19 last year. Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu, the Taichung Film Development Foundation chairperson, attended the award ceremony and encouraged Taiwanese animation creators to continue accumulating creative energy. At the same time, the city government will continue to promote the "Taichung International Animation Festival" to foster outstanding local animation creators and make Taichung the most critical exchange platform for the exposure of remarkable animation works in Asia.

Shiau-chi Lin, executive director of Taichung Film Development Foundation, said that Taichung International Animation Festival (TIAF) is the largest animation film festival in Taiwan. Since its launch in 2015, the short film competition has been highly praised, and the number of entries has increased year by year, attracting the attention of global animation creators and production companies. The level and artistic value of works are also becoming more outstanding. Since the registration opened in April this year, the foundation has received more than 1000 excellent productions, including many international multi-awards winners.

Executive director Lin pointed out that every year, the festival invites a number of senior animation creators, animation industry experts, and scholars from home and abroad to serve as juries for the short film competition. This year, they expect to announce the shortlist on August 1. At that time, they will publicly screen all shortlisted works during the "2022 Taichung International Animation Festival" film festival. The public is welcome to watch amazing animations and support outstanding animation creators with actions.

The Taichung Film Development Foundation would like to remind everyone that application for the competition in "the 2022 Taichung International Animation Festival" will be closing on June 30 this year. They only accept online registration in response to saving energy, reducing carbon, and loving the earth. For detailed competition rules and registration methods, please visit the Taichung International Animation Short Film Competition official website https://twtiaf.com/2022rg/ for inquiries, or contact Miss Tsai at 04-23236100 extension 21.

  • Data update: 2022-06-30
  • Publish Date: 2022-06-07
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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