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Come and dance! Free dance space made available on the second floor of the Taichung Station.

Creating Taichung Station Street dance stronghold and bringing space vitality. 01
Creating Taichung Station Street dance stronghold and bringing space vitality. 01
Taichung is in the process of turning into a happy city! The Bureau of Transportation recently built a dancing stage on the second floor of Taichung Railway Station to provide free dancing space for the public. The open platform on the second floor of Taichung Station is one of the significant entrances for welcoming travelers to and from Taichung. This area serves the transportation transfer function and displays the diversity of Taichung's local cultures, both old and new. Director Zhao-Fu Ye said that in recent years, the street dance craze has spread across the world and has penetrated all age groups in Taiwan. Therefore, the Bureau of Transportation recently integrated the three elements of "transportation, diversity, and street dance" to create a dancing space from the platform on the second floor. They have equipped the space with mirror facilities and a staging area, so Taichung citizens who love dancing could have additional space for free dance drills. Let everyone see the vitality of Taichung and bring a new life to the big platform with dancing. The Director of the Bureau of Transportation, Zhao-Fu Ye, explained that the second-floor platform of Taichung Station started to hold street dance competitions such as TOP DUEL and 3-on-3 basketball competitions last year. At the same time, it is the relay station for the three-path transmission of the torch of the National Games 2021; related arts and cultural activities have also been held here.
Zhao-Fu Ye, Director of the Bureau of Transportation, said that open public areas could provide more diversified functions for the public under space permits. In open areas such as the Station Front Metro Mall of the Taipei MRT and Citizens Square, people are currently utilizing the surrounding reflecting facilities for dance sports, which not only make full use of the space, but also enable urban exercise and cultural exchange activities to be carried out. Therefore, the Bureau of Transportation spares no effort to support the promotion of the street dance movement, provide venues for young people, and market Taichung with street dance. Since Mayor Lu took office, Taichung has been aiming to build "cool sports and a cool city." The street dance boom has flourished, reaching all ages nationally in recent years. Street dance is popular among young people and students. The city government has held street dance competitions for three consecutive years, taking root in the street dance movement population. Schools at all levels also set up associations to practice hard. The 2024 Paris Olympic Games have listed Street dance as a competition item. Taichung city government made early preparations to cooperate with relevant units to vigorously promote street dance and competitions. Director Ye added that the large platform area on the second floor of Taichung Station, apart from providing transportation transfer services, can also be leased for many cool sports. Now a dancing island in the second-floor space has been created. It integrates the free movement elements of street dance and mirror facilities and stage areas with freestyle patterns, to create a place with the concept of freedom, creativity, and enthusiasm. The city government also hopes the young people can bring a warm look to Taichung with their energy, relieve their stress, and stimulate future creativity for Taichung.
  • Data update: 2022-06-16
  • Publish Date: 2022-06-14
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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