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Taichung City Vehicle Accident Assessment Committee – Business Profile

Introduction to the Committee

The Committee accepts vehicle accident assessment cases that are handled by the police authority and initiated by parties of the traffic accident, their heir or legal representative, or the vehicle owner; or transferred to the police authority by the authority that handled the accident site; or requested by the judicial authority, with the following exceptions.

Assessment cases that are under investigation or court trial, and are not requested by the judicial authority.
Cases initiated or transferred by the (military) police authority are over six months from the date of accident, unless such delay is caused by a natural disaster or force majeure.
Traffic accidents that occurred outside the roadway defined in Subparagraph 1 of Article 3 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.
Traffic accidents that have been assessed.

The applicant may submit the application to the Committee in person or by mail.
Parties of the traffic accident must attach photocopies of the driver’s licenses (or personal ID cards) and the registered list of the parties to the traffic accident. Legal representatives must attach photocopies of their personal ID card and proof of relationship. Vehicle owners must attach a photocopy of the driver’s license.
The application requirements are that the accident occurred within the jurisdiction of the City with the accident date within the past six months; and the accident was handled by the police authority and with records retained by police (including testimony, scene map, photographs of the scene and damaged vehicle, etc.).
If the criminal case is to be filed with a criminal complaint or is under a judicial proceeding, please do not apply for an assessment. Instead, please file an appeal to the judicial authority for an assessment. If an assessment has been applied and the party files a criminal complaint before the completion of the assessment, the Committee shall terminate the assessment as prescribed.
Assessment fee is required for any assessment application or request.

Assessment Fees

The assessment fee is NTD3,000 per case. The fee shall be paid in cash or by money order and the payee is: Taichung City Government.
Fee for applications by mail shall be paid with money order.
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  • Publish Date: 2022-07-08
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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