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Take advantage of the “Taichung Transportation Network” APP: Freely travel Taichung during the summer vacation without worry

The front page of the Taichung Transportation Network App (1)
The front page of the Taichung Transportation Network App (1)
With the gradual settlement of the pandemic situation and the peak of the summer vacation travel season, the Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government has launched the Taichung Transportation Network App. It is a travel treasure chest that not only provides real-time traffic images allowing travelers to check the rush hours traffic for particular road sections, but also parking and iBike locations in Taichung and TRA (train) and THSR (high-speed train) timetables. All citizens are encouraged to use this APP to facilitate their trips to Taichung.
How to travel smoothly? The Transportation Bureau suggests that, when traveling, people can use the Taichung Transportation Network App to check the traffic and parking information to quickly bypass congested roads and find parking spaces. They can also use it to obtain iBike information and TRA and THSR timetables. Please feel free to download the App. It is also important to note that, apart from the parking lot inquiry service, the App also allows users to obtain parking information and spaces available near attractions, and provides a one-touch navigation function so users can easily find the car park.
Transportation Bureau explains that, according to recent observations, the traffic on Taichung’s main roads– such as Taiwan Boulevard, Zhongqing Road and Wuquan West Road – has significantly increased and all shopping circles and attraction areas are crowded with family travelers during the summer vacation. By downloading the Taichung Transportation Network App, users can immediately obtain useful traffic information. Moreover, the App is integrated with other systems to provide additional traffic information (e.g., iBike, real-time bus information, TRA/THSR timetables) and parking payment service. Everyone is welcome to download and use this APP! The Transportation Bureau also wishes to remind people to wear face masks, wash hands frequently and keep social distances during their trips; and abide by pandemic prevention and control measures at all sites as usual in order to stay healthy.
  • Data update: 2022-07-27
  • Publish Date: 2022-07-25
  • Source: Transportation Bureau
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