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Taichung International Animation Festival will be launched on September 23: The presale of tickets is in the countdown

Photos of recommended feature films for the 2022 Taichung International Animation Festival
Photos of recommended feature films for the 2022 Taichung International Animation Festival

The largest animation feast in Taiwan, “2022 Taichung International Animation Festival”, will be held at Taichung Shin Kong Cinemas between September 23 and 28. In line with the new festival brand image and the annual visual feast, the Festival has, for the first time, launched the commemorative “Trailblazer Package” earlier and all packages were sold out within 5 hours after the presale started! The Information Bureau of Taichung City Government pointed out that many hot sessions were the spotlight for animation fans and, by purchasing more than 10 tickets for one session, the purchaser would receive a group discount! The presale starts from now on until September 22. Animation fans can buy the tickets from the ibon kiosk at 7-11 nationwide or online at the ticketing site. The Bureau reminds animation fans nationwide to take advantage of the time-limited discount and buy the tickets now!

The Bureau expressed that Taichung International Animation Festival was organized by the Taichung Film Development Foundation (TFDF) under the guidance of the Information Bureau. After releasing the list of feature films, a hot discussion has been set off in the animation industry. This year, the Festival has a number of high-quality feature films, including the animated documentary “Flee” that has won a number of international awards last year; the female and immigrants issues oriented “Nayola” and “The Crossing”, which have been recognized by Annecy International Animation Film Festival; “Perlimps” that helps grownups to bring back their pure innocence; and the humorous and funny family animations “Little Allan - The Human Antenna”, “Two Buddies and a Badger: The Great Big Beast”, “Trash” and “The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes - The Greatest Jail-Breaker”. As for the short film competition, there are also a number of excellent works that have been recognized by international film festivals, and some of them are screened exclusively in Taichung. This has triggered a wave of rushing for tickets after the launch of the presale.

Apart from this list of excellent films, the TFDF expressed that, to enhance exchange between domestic and international animators, they also invited Kōji Yamamura, a Japanese independent animation artist whose short film was nominated for the Oscar, to hold the Master’s Talk this year. Director Kōji Yamamura’s works are very poetic and he is specialized in exploring human psychology through the aesthetics of animation. Themed on Rakugo (literally refers to “fallen words”), his short film “Mount Head” mocks the Japanese society for loving group actions and rejecting individualism. With such imaginative thinking and soundtracks by the prominent Japanese shamisen player and rōkyoku singer Takeharu Kunimoto, this film has won the heart of many animation fans from all over the world.

This year, the Festival not only has the preemptive release of Director Kōji Yamamura’s first feature film “Dozens of Norths” in the country, a number of short animation films are also selected to enable fans to glimpse the grotesque characters created by this magician-like-director and the childlike innocence and child fun hidden in the world. Director Kōji Yamamura will also join the Festival in person on September 24. All fans are welcome to sign up to participate in this activity for free and get to know this “animation magician with childlike innocence”.

The TFDF expressed that another director who will attend the Festival is Chiu Li-wei, a well-known Taiwanese IP animation director who also received a number of awards in international film festivals. Director Chiu’s works are full of “Taiwanese elements”, whether it is the scene design or scenario. His first TV animation series was adapted from Writer Lin Liang’s prose collection “Little Sun”. Director Chiu looked at ten thousand old photos only to re-establish the scene of old Taipei back to the 1960s. The scene of his original TV anime series “Barkley The Cat”, on the other hand, was created based on the streets and cityscape of Tainan City; and the scenario is also full of Taiwan’s unique “hospitality”. Barkley The Cat was nominated for the 2017 Golden Horse Award and is an important milestone in Taiwan’s animation industry.

The TFDF further explained that this Festival would go over Director Chie’s short animation films created in different period; and that visitors would be able to watch some highlights of “Pigsy”, his latest feature film that has been incubated for many years. Young talents who wish to pursue the path of creativity should take this opportunity of meeting and exchanging ideas with this Master of Animation. Director Chiu will also share his personal experience and feelings on “being a trailblazer of local animation brand” in the workshop!

The Information Bureau pointed out that Taichung International Animation Festival would take place at Taichung Shin Kong Cinemas between September 23 and 28, and presale tickets at the promotional price of NT$100 (RRP NT$160) are only available until September 22. Those who join the presale are also eligible to join the “I am an animation fan and I am proud of myself – Bingo Fun” activity to win a number of prizes that are available only at the Festival! All animation fans are welcome to take the challenge! For more information about the list of films and activities, please visit the Taichung International Animation Festival’s official website (http://twtiaf.com) or Facebook Fanpage (http://facebook.com/tiaf.taichung).

  • Data update: 2022-09-28
  • Publish Date: 2022-09-19
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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