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Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City will be hold at Dadun Cultural Center from November 5 to 23, 2022


Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City is one of a handful large-scale local public art exhibitions that has a global reach and receives the largest number of submissions. Diverse participation regardless of nationality and age enables the exhibition to feature diverse creative looks. After 27 years, “Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition” has become a reputable art competition recognized by contemporary artists. Through open call for submissions in eleven categories, including Ink Wash Painting, Calligraphy, Seal Engraving, Glue Color Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Crafts, and Digital Art, from April 1 to 15, and total prize money as much as TWD 3.86 million, Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition hopes to continually recognize and encourage creative talents specializing in each medium.


To further encourage participation and enhance convenience of the competition, Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition has amended the prospectus annually in recent years on a rolling basis, adjusting the required painting dimensions and restrictions on submitting electronic files, while also optimizing the functions on the official website of Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition; regardless of using a computer, tabloid, or smartphone, artists around the world can easily apply to participate in the competition. Within three years after implementing a dual-track system of both online and offline applications, this year’s number of online applications has exceeded 1,000, accounting for nearly 80% of all applications. This shows that after 27 years, Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition continues to march forward and grow with artists, evolving in response to their new ways of life.


Among the prize-winning works this year, there are works of glue color painting and photography that capture unique themes, sophisticated and refined ink wash and watercolor paintings, and vivid and lively sculptures. Many artists also care for people’s real lives through their works; issues like the pandemic, religious beliefs, and natural environment, have all become this year’s creative themes. A lot of artists also focus on own state of mind and bodily exploration, putting Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition’s diversity on full display. We welcome art-loving friends to visit the wonderful and exciting exhibition of this year’s prize-winning works at Dadun Cultural Center from November 5 to 23, 2022, and physically perceive the captivating works of art.

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