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2022 Taichung Mazu International Festival

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Mazu banner-01

2022 Taichung Mazu International Festival Event Calendar

Date Session Time

Performing Group

February 3 (Thursday) Xinshe Jiuzhuang Mazu

Ming Hwa Yuan The Ri Theatrical Troupe; Chao Tong Dragon and Lion Dance and War Drum Troupe

February 14 (Monday) Taichung Lecheng Temple

Royal Ballet; Huang Yu-siang & Wu Po-yi; Yuhsi D.D. Babies War Drum Troupe; Chiotian Folk Drums and Art Troupe

February 15 (Tuesday) Dazhuang Haotian Temple

One-Tone; Sea Breeze Taiko Troupe; Tung Hung-pin; King’s Band

February 15 (Tuesday) Nantun Wanhe Temple

Lee Ching Fang Taiwanese Opera Troupe

February 15 (Tuesday) Dajia Jenn Lann Temple Huludun Smile Taiko Troupe; Taichung Dance Group; Myth Magic Theatrical Troup (foot juggling); One-Tone; Riona Creative Integration Orchestra (Flair); Wu Jun-hong; Angel Chu
March 12 (Saturday) Dali Fuxing Temple Ming Hwa Yuan The Ri Theatrical Troupe
April 5 (Tuesday) Dajia Jenn Lann Temple (pre-departure performance) Shin Yi Fang Taiwanese Opera Troupe
April 8 (Friday) Dajia Jenn Lann Temple (auditorium) Taiwan Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association; OhHiYo; Riona Creative Integration Orchestra; Myth Magic Theatrical Troup; Yenyun Dance Troupe and G7.Music; Chen Hsing-I; Chou Chang-ching
April 16 (Saturday) Fengyuan Ciji Temple Fengyuan Huludun Aiyueh Choir; Hsuanhao Band; Percussion Ensemble of Huludun Elementary School; Chiu Feng Yuan Puppet Show; Shen Wen-cheng & Lin Hsiao-lou
April 16 (Saturday) Taichung Wanchun Temple Chou Hsuan-wei; MiFuego Flamenco; Riverbank Band; Taiwan Ten-Drum Art Percussion Group
April 16 (Saturday) Beitun Nanxing Temple Taichung Puppet Theater; FunTo Art; Yoyo TV Stars "Butter" and "Cherry"; Woohoo Party Band
April 21 (Thursday) Shengang Shekou Wanxing Temple Atayal Taiwan First Nation Mi-yu Dancers; LIT ART; Super Guest
May 21 (Saturday) Dadu Wanxing Temple Yuyueh Belly Dance Troupe; G7.Music; Eye Catching Circus; Sky Jazz
May 21 (Saturday) Wuqi Chaoyuan Temple Ming Hwa Yuan The Ri Theatrical Troupe

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