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2023 Taichung Mazu International Festival

媽祖 banner-01
媽祖 banner-01

2023 Taichung International Mazu Festival Event Schedule

Date Event Schedule Performance Team
January 26 (Thursday) Xinshe Jiuzhuang Ma Ming Hwa Yuan - Star Taiwanese Opera Troupe
February 4 (Saturday) Dali Fuxing Temple Tendrum Art Percussion Group, Singer Yu-Jun Weng, and Chiung Rung Dance Troupe
February 4 (Saturday) Taichung Leh Cherng Temple Sun Son Theatre and Hot Shock
February 4 (Saturday) Dai Juang Hao Tien Gong Musou Band, Jinyuyuan Palm Theater Troupe, and Amin
February 5 (Sunday) Nantun Wanhe Temple Ming Hwa Yuan - the Ri Theatrical Troupe
February 5 (Sunday) Dajia Jenn Lann Temple Qitian Performing Arts Troupe, Performing Arts Department of Youth Senior High School, Taiwan Youth Dance, street performer Shocker, Jerry Chou, Stan Chen, and Fei Huang
April 14 (Friday) Dajia Jenn Lann Temple (departure drama) Ming Hwa Yuan - the Ri Theatrical Troupe
April 21 (Friday) Dajia Jenn Lann Temple (viewing stand) Yingxin Dance Troupe, Woodance, Myth Magic Troupe, Más vídeos de Riona, street performer Chia-Min Cho, Yu-Chau Lan, and Sax Jerry
May 6 (Saturday) Beitun Nanxing Temple Skaraoke , Eye Catching Circus, and Kendama Master Screw
May 6 (Saturday)
May 6 (Saturday) Taichung Wanchun Temple Taichung Puppet Troupe, Xinlei Dance Troupe, and Huang Band
May 10 (Wednesday) Shekou Wanxing Temple Panyu Puppet Troupe and Empress Band
May 11 (Thursday) Fengyuan Ciji Temple Fengyang Junior High School's Dance Class, Xuanhao Band, and Sky Jazz
May 12 (Friday) Dadu Wanxing Temple Chio Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe and Jhen Yue Tang
May 21 (Sunday) Wuchi Chaoyuan Temple Ming Hwa Yuan - the Ri Theatrical Troupe

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