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Taiwan Folk Museum: The One-year-old catch

When an infant reaches one year of age, it is also known as his/her “one full year of life”. Not only does the infant have his/her first birthday on this day, but this day also symbolizes the infant’s growth. Therefore, many parents tend to prepare the “one-year-old catch”, which is known as an important ritual that allows the child to predict his/her future career, to accompany the child to make his/her first decision. The Taiwan Folk Museum is known for its unique “Hokkien style” and has prepared the “ancient ritual of one-year-old catch”, providing the parents and children with an immersive ancient ritual experience and a precious memory. For detailed information about the activity, please contact Taiwan Folk Museum (04-222451310) or click the link below to register (https://www.accupass.com/organizer/detail/2210030651572561775240)。

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