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Diplomatic envoys from many countries in Taiwan and international guests visited the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival and praised the lantern show and urban construction.

International envoys and guests of honor took photos in the 2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival Exhibition Zone.
International envoys and guests of honor took photos in the 2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival Exhibition Zone.
The 2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival was held in Central Park at Shuinan for the first time this year. The Taichung City Government invited ambassadors from friendly countries such as Paraguay, Honduras, Saint Kitts, and Nevis, as well as distinguished guests from Thailand, the United States, and Japan to visit. Deputy Mayor Guo-Rong Huang represented the government to receive them. Diplomatic envoys from various countries praised the diverse and colorful lantern display. They also took a group photo at the Central Taiwan Cinema Center, the Taichung International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the Green Museumbrary light projections around Central Park, expressing their deep impression of Taichung's beautiful skyline and urban construction.
The city government invited envoys and international guests of honor from various countries to visit yesterday (3). In addition to the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival, they went to the North District Civil Sports Center to experience sports facilities such as archery and flywheel. They also spent time at Taiwan’s only visitor center designed to resemble an airport waiting room at Central Park. Mayor Lu is actively promoting Taichung's centuries-old pastry culture to enhance the brand image of Taichung as the dessert capital and strengthen the city's character of "Taichung is so sweet." The Secretariat of the Taichung City Government specifically arranged for foreign guests to taste Qin Yuan Chun’s Yuanxiao and Lu Yuan’s Tangyuan, which were recommended by Michelin Bib Gourmand. They also provided Taichung specialties such as One Only Bakery’s Luho Puff, and Anice Holiday’s Brown Sugar Jelly Cake Milk Tea, which have won the Top Ten Taichung Souvenirs. The foreign guests thanked the city government team for arranging a fulfilling itinerary. At the colorful Lantern Festival, they also enjoyed the Lantern Festival and sweet delicacies, like participating in a feast for the five senses including sight and taste. Foreign guests also fully experienced Taichung's delicious food, high-quality living environment, and urban construction.
According to Deputy Mayor Huang, the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival started on February 4th. Each multi-characteristic light area includes water and land, combined with a childlike design to create a super cute paradise, which is very suitable for parents and children to play together. He also said since Mayor Lu took office, the city government has gradually started and completed various major urban construction projects to build Taichung into an international city. In the past, the city government has invited many foreign groups to participate in significant exchange events and activities and has worked closely with embassies or representative offices of various countries in Taiwan. This time, they invited foreign envoys stationed in Taiwan and distinguished international guests to visit. In addition to thanking them for their long-term support to the city government, we also hope to market Taichung to let foreign guests can experience the beauty and development potential of Taichung.
Jia-Zhen Xie, Director of the Secretariat, noted that the city government actively promotes city diplomacy and conducts international marketing in conjunction with major events such as the Lantern Festival. Ambassador Carlos José Fleitas Rodríguez of the Republic of Paraguay, Ambassador Harold Burgos of the Republic of Honduras, and Ambassador Donya Lynex Francis of the Embassy of Saint Christopher and Nevis visited Taiwan this time. They arrived in Taiwan last year and came with their families to see Taichung’s construction and development and the Lantern Festival activities. Furthermore, Ibrahim Ahmed, the director of the Taipei Trade Office in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and nearly 30 distinguished guests from the Thailand Trade and Economic Office, the U.S. Idaho and Montana Offices in Taiwan, and the American Chamber of Commerce Taichung also came to Taichung to feel the unique charm of this city.
Ambassador Donya Lynex Francis of the Embassy of Saint Christopher and Nevis thanked the city government for organizing many wonderful and lively activities. He was reminded of the idea of fitness as he was very impressed with the complete facilities of the North District Civil Sports Center. Ambassador Francis was also in the cockpit of the 737 airliner at the Central Park Visitor Center, jokingly pretending to be a flight attendant and having fun with the foreign guests. Ambassador Carlos José Fleitas Rodríguez of the Republic of Paraguay found the ingenious lantern designs particularly novel. He especially appreciated the creativity of the "Magic Box World" exhibition area combined with space bases, which breaks away from the traditional lantern shape.
The section director of the Thailand Trade and Economic Office, Ohm Chiu, said that he had just arrived in Taiwan two months ago and had heard that Taichung was the birthplace of Taiwanese delicacies such as pearl milk tea. This time, he has finally tasted several authentic Taichung delicacies, especially the unique taste of Brown Sugar Jelly Cake Milk Tea. He is pleased to have the opportunity to participate in this lantern festival and city tour, which gave him a deeper understanding of the city of Taichung and the traditional Taiwanese lantern festival culture.
Today's tour included Deputy Mayor Guo-Rong Huang, Director of the Secretariat Jia-Zhen Xie, Director of the Tourism and Travel Bureau Mei-Xiu Chen, Director of Information Bureau Zhao-Xin Zheng, Director of Sports Bureau Yu-Rui Lee, and Director of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ying-ming Wong. Together with foreign guests from all over the world, they experienced the festival event of the interaction between traditional lamp art and modern technology and sold the image of Taichung as an international city.
  • Data update: 2023-02-14
  • Publish Date: 2023-02-08
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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