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Welcome WBC! Unveiling the upgraded Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, Mayor Lu remarked that it is at the Major League level.

Mayor Lu – it is at the Major League level
Mayor Lu – it is at the Major League level

The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) returns to Taichung after ten years. The Group A preliminaries will kick off in grand style at Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium from March 8th to 12th. "We are ready!" Mayor Shiew-Yen Lu unveiled the upgraded Intercontinental Baseball Stadium today (3rd). After half a year of preparation and under the supervision of MLB and WBC, she emphasized that the stadium has completed equipment upgrades and optimized the venue, making the stadium comparable to the first-class MLB level. Fans are welcome to come to Taichung to enjoy the game, the beautiful weather, the food, the scenery, and the warm human touch of Taichung!

According to Mayor Lu, the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium upgrade began in November last year, and the Major League officials also supervised the preparation. They have renovated and upgraded the best baseball field in Taiwan, including the renovation of a sprinkler irrigation system, lighting broadcast equipment, spectator seats, lawn maintenance, the addition of an invisible safety net at the edge of the field, the reconstruction of the pitcher’s mound and home plate, all in line with the Major League standards. This will protect the players and spectators, so the players enjoy the game, and the fans can enjoy the contest in comfort.

Mayor Lu indicated that there will be a series of activities to celebrate the event starting tomorrow, including the welcome party and the official warm-up game. The city government is ready, and the mayor believes that everyone is excited. She welcomes everyone to Taichung to enjoy the sports atmosphere. Once again, she thanked MLB, WBC, Chinese Taipei Baseball Association, CTBC Brothers Baseball Club, Wuzi Development of the Intercontinental Stadium operation team, BROS SPORTS MARKETING CO., LTD., and all walks of life for their support. It is an international event with global attention. All the national teams are in their best form. Taiwan is composed of excellent players in the country. This preparation shows everyone the city government's hosting capacity, which also optimizes the competition field.

Mayor Lu stressed that both indoor and outdoor fans could choose not to wear masks and watch the game while eating delicious food under the guidance of the Central Epidemic Command Center. However, she recommended that people still wear masks to protect themselves and others if they feel unwell or have symptoms during this time.

Mickey Shupin, MLB competition director, stated that the preparation for this event was better than that of ten years ago, and the field facilities were well maintained and even improved. Welcome people to watch the game in Taichung!

Director (of the Sports Bureau) Lee said that Mayor Lu recently led the city government team to invite Jim Small, the Vice President of the Major League Baseball (MLB) and Chairman of the World Baseball Classic (WBC), the organizer, to hold a meeting to discuss and jointly promote the Classic to welcome the WBC. The government expects 100,000 people to flock to Taichung this time, so the city government team has also planned special projects and tours including discounts in the business district. They hope that fans can visit Taichung to improve business opportunities while supporting the Chinese Taipei team.

Director Lee pointed out that Taichung is this year’s host city alongside Tokyo, Japan, Phoenix, and Miami. The city government attaches great importance to the WBC, implementing various preparations with high standards, and providing a high-quality competition environment for international guests, players, and fans from all over the country. He also calls on the people of the whole country to defend our home team. MLB representatives and stadium operators have actively improved the playing field facilities to welcome this world-renowned top international competition, allowing the Chinese Taipei and world-class teams to show their strengths and give their best. Please come to the stadium to cheer for the Chinese Taipei team and Taiwan.

Today's event included Mayor Lu, MLB game directors Mickey Shupin and Melanie Lee, senior manager Jesse Lin, city councilor Shi-Zhou Liu, Director of Sports Bureau Yu-Rui Lee, founder of BROS SPORTS MARKETING CO., LTD Yun-Zhi Chang, general manager of Wuzi Development Xun-Qin Lee, and Beitun District Chief Ming Ouyang and others were present. Representatives from City Councilor Xin-Hui Huang's service office also attended the activity.

  • Data update: 2023-03-07
  • Publish Date: 2023-03-03
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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