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Internationally Recognition, the Glory of Taiwan! Ye Zhao-fu, Director of Taichung Transportation Bureau, Won the Eisenhower Scholarship

Transportation Bureau
Transportation Bureau
A talented man from Taichung City Government has become the glory of Taiwan!
The Eisenhower Foundation in the United States selects elites from different fields around the world each year, prompting substantive exchange among leaders and talented people from various countries through the Eisenhower Scholarship.
The Director of Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government, Ye Chao-fu, is the “only Eisenhower recipient in Taiwan” this year, and will embark on a six-week visit to the United States. Mayor Lu Xiu-yan said happily that “we are proud of him”. This represents the abundance of talented people in Taichung City Government team, showing their ability to implement excellent governance, and is the well-being of the citizens.We look forward to Director Ye’s return from the United States. He will share his experience and insights gained during the trip. By this rare experience, he can observe the development trends of major cities and bring them back to Taichung, and join hands with the city government team to create a world-class municipal construction in Taichung. Ye Chao-fu, Director of the Transportation Bureau of the Taichung City Government, has set the record for being the first head of a local government bureau in Taiwan to receive the award. Director Ye expressed his gratitude for the recognition from the Eisenhower Foundation. This time, he will have the opportunity to be invited to the United States for exchanges. Not only transportation, but also urban planning, green energy, and big data, etc. are all to be investigated, but also efforts will be made to promote “Taichung Experience” so that Taichung can be seen by more people on the international stage.Taichung City Council Chairman Zhang Qing-zhao and Deputy Speaker Yan Li-min also expressed their delight and anticipation for Director Ye’s opportunity to exchange ideas with global elites, which they hope will promote further development for the city. Director of Transportation Bureau Ye Zha-ofu had previously studied in Europe, obtaining a master's degree in the Department of Transport Engineering of National School of Bridges and Roads, the 12th University of Paris, and then obtained a Ph.D in Economics, Management and Regional Studies from the University of Paris. In the past four years, he has led the Transportation Bureau to actively promote various projects. Major transportation policies during his tenure include the opening of the Green Line of the metro system, the approval of the Blue Line by the Ministry of Transportation, the cheapest “Double Ten” bus in Taiwan, the largest number of electric buses in Taiwan, more than 1,300 iBike stops and ranked first in Taiwan, as well as limited 299 traffic monthly tickets exclusively for city residents and other major traffic achievements. Director Ye further explained that innovative scholars and elites from all walks of life from all over the world have different backgrounds and different goals. Based on their specialties, they visit industries, officials, and universities. With Taiwan aiming to move towards a net-zero emission by 2050, he particularly pays attention to technologies such as the development of electric vehicles, intelligence, and intelligent automation. The United States has its own expertise in intelligent system management. Technological research is its strength, and it can also delve into big data analysis and urban behavior scale research. Taichung City Government added that the Eisenhower Foundation of the United States was established in 1953 to celebrate the birthday of former US President Eisenhower. The foundation arranges observation resources tailored to the personal professions of potential leaders aged between 32 and 45 worldwide, with visits to various observation sites. This trip is fully sponsored by the Eisenhower Scholarship Foundation, and this year’s visit will take place from April 10th to May 18th.
The headquarters of the Eisenhower Foundation is located in Philadelphia, USA. Director Ye is expected to depart from the eastern United States to visit more than ten cities including Boston, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York, and California for a six-week trip to the United States.This trip will cover the east coast, west coast, and the central part. In order to absorb information that is beneficial to the development of Taichung in a short period of time, due to the time difference, Director Ye used the early morning hours to contact the Eisenhower Foundation a few months before the trip to plan for the schools, government departments, and industries he wanted to visit. Through the foundation's platform, he hopes to gain insights into top institutions and not come back empty-handed. Therefore, it is not limited to transportation infrastructure, but also expands to issues such as urban planning, big data trends, and energy sustainability. He has turned time pressure into a driving force to achieve his goals, and looks forward to maximizing the benefits for Taichung. International celebrities who have won the Eisenhower Award in the United States include former U.S. President Gerald Ford, former U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush, former Federal Reserve Chairman Aaron Greenspan, former Turkish President Süleyman Demirel and others.  
Previous outstanding Taiwanese recipients of the Eisenhower Fellowship include former Vice President Xiao Wan-chang, former Presidential Advisor Ku Liang-song, Chairman of People First Party James Soong, Kuomintang Chairman Eric Chu, Mayor of Keelung City Xie Guo-liang, President of former National Taiwan University Sun Chen, and senior media person Zhan Yiyi, etc..Director of Transportation Bureau, Ye Chao-fu, has set a new record for the first official of the Taichung City Government to be selected for the scholarship. (4/10*3)*Transportation Bureau
Contact: Transportation Bureau of Taichung City Government
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