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The Revitalize the Economy Trilogy in Taichung will come on stage. Mayor Lu: we magnify the money!

2023 Give out Taichung economic revitalization commodity vouchers
2023 Give out Taichung economic revitalization commodity vouchers

Inject economic water! Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu recently announced the launch of the "2023 Taichung Issuance Cash to Revitalize the Economy" trilogy to echo the central government's policy of issuing NTD 6000 to accelerate the economic development of Taichung City. Among them, the "5 Preferential Programs to Go Consumption in Taichung" took the lead in making its debut, with the country's first large-scale distribution of commodity vouchers. Besides, the "Taichung Hot Pot and Grill Festival" will hold in July. In September, there will be a warm-up "Taichung Shopping Festival" launch. Mayor Lu beefed up the economy, emphasizing that the city government to "magnify the money" and "support the economy of the common people." She hopes to achieve the greatest goal of a competitive economy through various horizontal brand activities and vertical markup in different bureaus. The whole country is invited to visit Taichung for sightseeing and tourism!

"Economy comes first, economy comes first, and economy comes first!" Mayor Lu emphasized that the top priority this year, now that the epidemic has subsided, is to prioritize the economy. The city government is grateful for relieving the suffering of the people in the city council and recently approved an NTD 350 million fund for "Taichung's economic revitalization-giving out commodity vouchers happily." The city government will divide it into three brand activities and launch various economic revitalization activities from May and June to the end of the year. "The city government will launch the country's No. 1 commodity vouchers!" Mayor Lu said inflation has made money smaller. Therefore, the Taichung City Government took out NTD 30 million from NTD 350 million and issued commodity vouchers to "magnify people’s money!" The public can exchange for NTD 200 commodity vouchers if they pay NTD 100. The city government will give out commodity vouchers in 70 business districts, public markets, and vendor concentration areas across the city to take care of the economy of the ordinary people.

Mayor Lu said the city government would also add special brand activities this year, including the first "Taichung Hot Pot and Grill Festival." People in Taichung like hot pots and grills very much. She hopes the public will give out millions of cars and 300 sets of NTD 10,000 vouchers if they vote to let the "event will be energetic until the end of the year." Moreover, the "Taichung Shopping Festival," which the public has been looking forward to for a long time, will give out an exquisite house worth nearly NTD 10 million and another NTD 300 million in cash. 95% of the awards in Taichung are in cash. Welcome to Taichung to eat, drink and have fun!

The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission has highlighted the "5 Preferential Programs to Go Consumption in Taichung," which was first launched by the city government, includes five chief plans: "Taichung purchase vouchers," "Taichung food vouchers," "Taichung play vouchers," "Taichung entertainment vouchers," and "Taichung exercise vouchers." It is the first part of the 2023 Taichung Issuance Cash to Revitalize the Economy trilogy. The Economic Development Bureau launches the "Taichung purchase vouchers" to give out the "large-scale distribution of commodity vouchers." In response to price adjustments, it has launched 300000 vouchers, which the government will release in 23 commercial districts, 30 public markets, and 17 vendor concentration areas in Taichung City. Then the public can exchange for NTD 200 commodity vouchers if they pay NTD 100, allowing them to experience the policy of money amplification under inflationary pressure. For consumers who love shopping, the Tourism and Travel Bureau has also launched a shopping promotion called "food, accommodation, and purchase discount." The Agricultural Bureau has also launched a shopping promotion called "food, accommodation, and purchase discount." The Agricultural Bureau has also integrated various agricultural and fisheries associations in Taichung City to launch the "agricultural and fisheries association extra-bonus amplification program.
Besides, the "Taichung food vouchers" program includes activities such as "food and beverage mobile payment of more than 10% and get NTD 4 million rebates" and "food, accommodation, and purchase discount" - food plus and other activities. Citizens can enjoy a 10% rebate discount for mobile payment consumption in the catering industry in Taichung City.

Forty hotel operators in Taichung City are participating in the "food, accommodation, and purchase discount"-the accommodation plus program for "Taichung fun vouchers." It offers people various accommodation discounts, such as room rate discounts, room type upgrades, or free meals. Moreover, the Agriculture Bureau also launched the "farm fun program." The three leisure agricultural areas and six leisure farms in Taichung City provide consumers with discounts on guide fees, discounts on camping site fees for camping with five or more tents, and preferential treatment for particular agricultural products.

The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission further explained that "Taichung entertainment vouchers" aim at citizens who enjoy artistic and cultural activities. It includes the "cultural and art discount" proposed by the Cultural Bureau, which allows the public to enjoy consumption discounts at the Taichung Military Kindred Village Museum, Taiwan Folk Museum, and Folk Art Street Merchants. Also, Information Bureau organizes the "listen to music and draw out limited quantity products of Rock in Taichung." The public purchases limited quantities of surrounding products from Rock in Taichung with ticket stubs for watching performances in the Legacy Taichung. In the "watch movies and exchange for limited gifts during the Taichung Film Fun in Season" event, people can redeem limited gifts and draw out "2023 Taichung International Animation Festival ticket package" during the summer vacation by presenting ticket stubs from Taichung Film Fun in Season or Zhong Shan 73 Cinema Art House.

The Sports Bureau has launched the "Taichung exercise vouchers" program for people who love sports and fitness. Provide a "great place to exercise" through the "6000 magnification technique". The public can purchase sports courses worth up to NTD 9600 or receive additional experience vouchers at 12 sports venues in Taichung City for NTD 6000.

  • Data update: 2023-05-25
  • Publish Date: 2023-05-19
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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