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The coolest art class in Taiwan! "Ms. Lu" and the students painted the bus together.

The coolest art class in Taiwan! Ms. Lu and the students painted the bus together.
The coolest art class in Taiwan! Ms. Lu and the students painted the bus together.

The bus becomes a giant canvas for children! Today (23rd), Li-Ming Elementary School in the Nantun District of Taichung City held Taiwan's first coolest art class. They invited Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu as a guest teacher to paint public transportation with students. The mother mayor turned into " Ms. Lu," and expressed that the exciting landmarks and attractions in Taichung will be depicted on the bus under the colorful pens of children, making it the best promotional vehicle for marketing in Taichung.

"Today, we are going to have the coolest class in Taiwan, "Mayor Lu pointed out. The Transportation Bureau held a series of activities called "Take a Bus to Travel around Taichung." Out of more than 600 children who submitted painted features enthusiastically in Taichung City, the bureau selected five winners to paint their works on the bus body. Through the well-known landmark in Taichung from the eyes of children, help the bus change into new looks. The creation of schoolchildren is abundant. Some students paint the National Taichung Theater and the Luce Chapel, and others paint the temples and buses near their homes, which is quite creative.
Wearing a painter's hat and holding a paintbrush, Mayor Lu led the children of Li-Ming Elementary School to fill the sketch on the bus in painting with colorful paint today. She said that people usually would scold children for drawing on the wall. However, don't worry today. Children are at ease using the bus as a canvas. Children can have the opportunity to show their creativity and encourage them to take more buses through activities. Also, as the most commonly used tool for studying or going out, buses can help tourists from other counties and cities recognize Taichung, showcase local characteristics, and use buses in marketing Taichung.

Mayor Lu explained that Taichung City has a fleet of 1,500 buses, with over 400 of them being electric buses. She taught children on site how to identify the electric bus with green lightning at the front and rear of the bus. Besides, she brought up that Taichung City's "Double Ten Bus" policy is the cheapest in the country. It is free within 10 kilometers, and only NTD 10 for rides over 10 kilometers.

Director of the Transportation Bureau Chao-Fu Yeh mentioned that the Transportation Bureau of the Taichung City Government organized a series of activities called "Take a Bus to Travel around Taichung." The first part of Children's Day online painting calls for about 600 works, from which selected the five most creative works and presented as the children's creative and playful brush strokes on the bus. Children's artworks do not display in galleries or art halls. Instead, contact passengers in the shortest distance with the new look of Taichung City's bus through the convenient bus system, which has set a new record.
Director Yeh emphasized that public transportation in Taichung City is highly convenient, with bus routes extending in all directions. He encourages the public to " Take a Bus to Travel around Taichung" hand in hand and write down the people, things, and things that impressed them the most so that citizens' habits to make the most of public transportation will continue to take root. The bureau combines creative publicity to meet the needs of different citizens, so everyone can better understand the achievements of Taichung's green transportation.

"The Transportation Bureau has planned a freewheeling traffic gate exclusively for Taichung citizens, making it faster and more convenient to transfer to various modes of transportation," Director Yeh added. The densely-occupied arterial buses are on the road, and the bureau designed the routes delicately according to the characteristics of the areas they pass through. They pack each car body in an exclusive color system and let them take the same way without turning to strengthen the bus road network. Coupled with supporting policies such as shuttle taxis, electric buses, and the most frequently used Double Ten Buses, it connected with track construction, bicycle lanes, and primary transfer stations to meet public transportation needs.
The Transportation Bureau stated that children's purest creativity stems from their observations and experiences. The paintings on the buses include the most favorable "Double Ten Bus" transportation card in Taiwan, the landmark of Tunghai University, the Luce Chapel, the giant dinosaur that is the treasure of the National Museum of Natural Science, and the Taichung city mascot Omima. Children are the future masters of the country. "Draw my Taichung" will follow the bus on the street to accompany the people on and off the bus and arrive at the destination through the convenient bus system.

  • Data update: 2023-05-26
  • Publish Date: 2023-05-24
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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