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Bib Gourmand of the Michelin Guide 2023 promotion released, of which four restaurants in Taichung City newly entered the tasty list internationally.

Saka's signature dish--wine-cooked chicken soup and delicious dishes
Saka's signature dish--wine-cooked chicken soup and delicious dishes

The Michelin Guide 2023, the world's most credible food review, will release a list of restaurants on August 31, starting with the "value for money" Bib Gourmand today (23rd). There are four restaurants in Taichung's annual new list, with 31 recommended by Bib Gourmand, including 12 restaurants that Michelin has recognized for four consecutive years. The Tourism and Travel Bureau of the Taichung City Government emphasized its eagerness to welcome both domestic and international tourists to consider a visit to Taichung Michelin for a gratifying culinary journey. Travelers can savor delectable delights across all streets and alleys while also exploring the nearby tourist attractions.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau stated Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu has actively promoted Taichung to become the international food capital since taking office. And Michelin has officially included Taichung in the evaluation city, which has entered its fourth year. "Taichung has a long-standing characteristic food culture, diverse cuisine, and brand management, which reflect the city's abundant talent and innovative energy." Today, the Michelin Guide 2023 first announced the list of "value for money" recommended by Bib Gourmand. According to the different consumption levels in various global cities, Taichung represents three high-quality and delicious dishes that people can enjoy at these restaurants for less than NTD 1000. This year, four new restaurants in Taichung have entered the list, namely "Saka," "MINIMAL," "Master Sergeant's Rolling Noodle," and "Soy-stewed pork selling only at Night." These establishments adeptly fuse traditional flavors with innovative branding, thereby showcasing Taichung's multifaceted urban allure. Their inclusion on the list also signifies international recognition from Michelin.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau highlighted among the new Bib Gourmand restaurants this year, the lineup encompasses not only the traditional hand-rolled noodles from the military dependents' village on Taichung's coastline but also authentic Taiwanese dishes steeped in history, the unique nocturnal offering of soy-stewed pork, and an innovative dessert set. People can have beers and skittles 24 hours from morning to night in Taichung. Whether it is time-honored gourmet food or new street flavors, it shows the industry's careful management, exquisite ingredients, authentic materials, and delicious taste. They continue to shine a light on Taichung's food and tourism landscape, shaping the image of Taichung as a gourmet city full of Michelin. The Bureau believes these restaurants will once again spark domestic and international discussions and queues for reservations, drive Taichung cuisine discussion in the global tourism market, and invigorate the tourist catering consumption market and output value.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau emphasized that the array of local cuisine recommended under the Bib Gourmand category in Taichung is both exquisite and diverse. It is well-deserving of being included in the must-visit list of gourmet travelers, both domestic and foreign, who seek culinary experiences that justify their travels from distant places. Now, it is the end of summer vacation, and the bureau welcomes everyone to seize the tail of summer, follow this wave of Bib Gourmand's list, and plan a gourmet trip that can satisfy you with food, drink, and entertainment 24 hours a day. For more itinerary planning information, please go to the YT channel of "Play Taichung" (https://www.youtube.com/@user-kc8uj6ro5z) or to "Taichung Tourism." (https://travel.taichung.gov. tw/) query.

  • Data update: 2023-08-25
  • Publish Date: 2023-08-23
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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