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The 2023 Michelin Guide just came out; 6 restaurants in Taichung got their stars and their cuisine shines internationally

2023 Michelin Stars - Star-Rated Restaurants in Taichung
2023 Michelin Stars - Star-Rated Restaurants in Taichung

Nicknamed the “Red Gourmet Bible,” the "2023 Michelin Guide" was released today (Aug 31), revealing the list of star-rated restaurants and selected restaurants. Taichung has received more good news this year, boasting a total of 8 stars. 6 restaurants wan their stars and 27 restaurants were selected. Including the 31 restaurants recommended by Bib Gourmand announced last week, a total of 64 restaurants are selected by the Michelin Guide this year, Making Taichung the city with the most Michelin restaurants second only to Taipei. The Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau expressed its gratitude to the chefs and restaurant management teams for coming to Taichung to explore new horizon, continue to inject gastronomic energy into this livable city, and bring Taichung cuisine to the international dining table.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau has highlighted that Taichung, as a major city, enjoys the advantage of offering delicacies and fresh ingredients directly from farm to table. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen actively promotes Taichung’s great tastes to international gastronomic map, driving the dining economy and food tourism. The good taste of Taichung would have not the international dining table if it were not for the hard work of these chefs and restaurant management teams. Taichung's star-winning restaurants include "JL Studio", a Singaporean restaurant that got its three Michelin stars for the first time and is the only Singaporean restaurant in the world with three Michelin stars; "Fleur de Sel", "Oretachi No Nikuya", and "Forchetta" which have won one star for four consecutive years; "Sur-", which has been awarded one Michelin star for three consecutive years, and "La Maison de Win", a newcomer to the list this year, won one Michelin star for the first time "The stars are shining in Taichung"!

The Tourism and Travel Bureau explained that "JL Studio" is named after the chef himself. The restaurant's dining menu seamlessly blends local ingredients, French cooking techniques, and Singaporean food culture, creating a multi-layered tapestry of flavors. It became the first Michelin three-star restaurant in Taichung. "Fleur de Sel" "is committed to conveying the spirit of French cuisine and turning the best ingredients into top-notch dishes. The chef of "Oretachi No Nikuya" has all his love for beef He buys beef of whole Wagyu cattle from different regions every month, and have them expertly butchered and grilled for die-hard diners who cannot resist the tasty temptation. "Forchetta" enriches Mediterranean cuisines with a touch of French elegance all thanks to the abundance of local fresh ingredients. " La Maison de Win " is jointly served by Chinese and Western chefs, and presents very creative and fashionable Taiwanese dishes. "Sur-" chefs are good at combining daily ingredients with Taiwanese cooking skills. Their menu is updated every season, presenting new themes and creative hometown flavors.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau stated that the list of selected restaurants represents only a small portion of Taichung’s diverse food culture. This time the list is also extensive and is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, including "Shan Shin", "Isagi", "Yet-Sen Mansion", "Abura yakiniku", "Ying Tsai Noodles", "Hibiki Seafood", "KR Prime Steak", "Ming Xing", "MeatGQ Steak", "Thousand Taste Seafood", "Mori Teppanyaki", "Yuyue Lou", "Maenam Thai", "Yuan", "Torien Yakitori", " Inflorescence", "L'Atelier par Yao", "Chilliesine", "Orient Dragon", "Wen "Dao", "Master of Mushroom", "Meidz" and "PI", as well as the new entries "FReNCHIE FReNCHIE", "Tu Pang" and "Pork Rong". Restaurant le Plein was included in the Michelin list for its relocation.

"FReNCHIE FReNCHIE" in the new list is hidden in a time-honored hotel. The chef carefully designs ingenious set menus according to the seasons for selection. Located in the cultural and creative attraction at the east side, "Tu Pang" and "Pork Rong" serve exquisite cooking omakase-style and Taiwanese snack bars full of warm atmosphere. These renowned restaurants featured on the list add prestige and distinction to Taichung's culinary undoubtedly rekindling the gourmet trend and satisfying the palates of diners from near and far.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau said that the city hall aimed to combine the theme of Taichung’s food with the city’s image of fun and good food for tourism and travel, hoping that these star-rated, selected and Bib Gourmand recommended restaurants and tourism spots will attract lots of food lovers and tourists as an effort to increase the reputation of Taichung's food and tourism, and make Taichung's food stars shine internationally. With Michelin stars dotting the culinary landscape, it provides a clear culinary map for tourists from all corners of the world to explore the exceptional flavors of Taichung.

  • Data update: 2023-09-06
  • Publish Date: 2023-08-31
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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