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Mayor Hirai Shinji of Tottori Prefecture, Japan paid a visit to the Taichung City Government and Mayor Lu presented him with the Honorary Citizen Medal.

Mayor Hirai Shinji of Tottori Prefecture, Japan paid a visit to the Taichung City Government and Mayor Lu presented him with the Honorary Citizen Medal.
Mayor Hirai Shinji of Tottori Prefecture, Japan paid a visit to the Taichung City Government and Mayor Lu presented him with the Honorary Citizen Medal.
Mayor Shinji Hirai of Tottori Prefecture, Japan, and his delegation visited the Taichung City Government today (Aug 28) to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Tottori Prefecture, Japan, and Taichung City. Mayor Lu Shiow-Yen received Mr. Shinji in person and presented the Honorary Citizen Medal to him. Mayor Lu said that the two places have been working closely in the development of hot springs, agriculture, tourism, education and others. The friendship between the two is like family, and they hoped to keep this friendship going. Mayor Harai expressed the hope that both places consider the 5th anniversary as a new starting point to deepen cooperation in various aspects, and he sang a Taiwanese song "You Are My Brother" in fluent Taiwanese, expressing "Taichung is Tottori's brother!"

Mayor Lu mentioned that the friendship between Tottori and Taichung began over 20 years ago with the exchange of pear sprouts among orchard farmers from both regions. This friendship has since blossomed, encompassing various areas such as hot springs, tourism, comics and animation, biking, education, and local interactions. She was especially grateful to Mayor Hirai for his continuous support of the interactions between the two places in the past 16 years since he took office. Not only has he sent performing groups to participate in activities such as the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival and the Taichung Lantern Festival many times, but Tottori's famous anime characters "Detective Conan" and "Gegege Kitaro" have also participated in many events such as the Taichung International Animation Expo, received warm welcome and response from the public. The "Taichung Honorary Citizen Medal and Certificate" were presented to Mayor Hirai to express her and the Taichung citizens' sincere gratitude. At the same time, Mayor Lu also thanked Mr. Hsieh Ming-Ta of the Municipal Government’s International Affairs Committee for his long-term assistance and advice on international interactions in Taichung City, and for his many contributions to the establishment of diversified interactions between Taichung and Japan.

Mayor Lu said that the exchanges between the two places have a long history. Taichung City’s Shigang District and Misasa Cho, Dadu District and Hokuei Cho have been friends since before the merger of Taichung County and City. Shigang Junior High School of Shigang District has established a sister school relationship with Misasa Middle School in Misasa Cho. Dadao Junior High School of Dadu District also has close interactions and visits with Daiei junior high school in Hokuei Cho. In early August this year, many teachers and students from the "Tottori Prefecture Child Development Liaison Council" also came to Taichung for educational interactions with schools like Rih-Nan Junior High School and Li-Jen Junior High School. A new chapter of cooperation is beginning between Dajia District and Kotoura Cho. Mayor Lu expressed her joy in witnessing the commitment of both Tottori and Taichung to maintain and nurture these friendships for as long as possible.

"We make friends with hot springs!" Mayor Lu also mentioned that this year marks not only the 5th anniversary of our sister cities but also the 7th anniversary of the hot spring alliance in both places. The hot springs in Taichung are carbonic acid springs, while the hot springs in Tottori are sulfate springs and radium springs. The hot springs in both places have their own characteristics and promote blood circulation and physical health. In addition, Taichung are holding two major events in October this year, the "Taichung Hot Spring Season" and the "National Day Fireworks." The people of Tottori are more than welcomed to visit Taichung in October to enjoy the fireworks and indulge in the hot springs.

Mayor Hirai mentioned that the interactions between the two places began before the merger of Taichung County and City. It originated from the agricultural exchange in pear sprouts. Later, the two places also interacted in terms of youth, hot springs, industry, culture and other aspects. He appreciated all branches of the city hall and the assistance of Mr. Hsieh Ming-Ta of the Government’s International Affairs Committee in promoting cooperation between the two places and making the people of the two places happy. He also expressed hope that the 5th anniversary would marks the new beginning after the pandemic, enabling both places to engage in more in-depth exchanges across various aspects.

Warm interactions were observed at today's event. Mayor Lu presented glass artworks engraved in the form of famous Taichung flowers such as phalaenopsis and flamingos to Mayor Hirai, who in turn presented rabbit-shaped whiskey. Vice Mayor Huang Kuo-Rong, Secretariat Director Hsieh Chia-Chen, Director Wu Shi-Wei of Civil Affairs Bureau, Director Chang Feng-Yuan of Economic Development Bureau, Director Chiang Woei-Min of Education Bureau, Director Chen Jiajun of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Deputy Director Tsai Yong-sheng of Agriculture Bureau, Deputy Director Liao Chiun-chih of Information Bureau, Excutive Secretary Liao Wei-chih of Tourism and Travel Bureau, Mr. Hsieh Ming-Ta of the Government’s International Affairs Committee, District Executive Yang Ming-kun of Dadu District, District Executive Yen Chin-yuan of Dajia District, and Chief Secretary Yang Cheng-Che of Shigang District were all present. City Councilor Liu Shih-chou also came to congratulate. On the Tottori side, Vice President Kojima Shogo of Tottori Japan-Taiwan Friendship Association, Councilors Uchida Hironaga, Fujihaki Kiwa, and Hamada Kazuya of Tottori Prefectural Council, Mayor Matsuura Hiroyuki of Misasa Cho, Mayor Teshima Toshiki of Kitakai Cho, Mayor Fukumoto Yuko of Kotoura Cho and others participated in the grand event.
  • Data update: 2023-09-06
  • Publish Date: 2023-08-31
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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