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Invite all the people to dance and gather together for the Mid-Autumn Festival! "2023 Taichung International Dance Carnival" grandly debuts from 9/29-10/1.

Group photo of distinguished guests at the Taichung International Dance Carnival press conference in Shin Min High School.
Group photo of distinguished guests at the Taichung International Dance Carnival press conference in Shin Min High School.

The Taichung City Government will hold the "2023 Taichung International Dance Carnival" at Taichung City Hall Square and Calligraphy Greenway from September 29th to October 1st, during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday! Not only will it invites well-known domestic dance troupes to perform enthusiastically, but it will also extend invitations to many international performing troupes from Italy, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan to share the stage with you this year. For the first time, the city government will invite everyone to step on the street together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, kicking off an excellent prelude to the Taichung Tourism Festival.

Mei-Xiu Chen, Director of the Tourism and Travel Bureau of the Taichung City Government, attended a press conference today, September 6th, and announced that this year's Taichung International Dance Carnival will feature three consecutive days of street performances and stage shows at City Hall Square and Calligraphy Greenway. A total of 20 domestic and foreign performance teams will take turns to perform. The international team's performances include Italian stilt interaction, Filipino traditional dance, Indonesian characteristic dance, and Japanese energetic stepping on the street. They will create a new spark with well-known local dance groups and demonstrate the international strength of Taichung's festival arts and tourism. The press conference today invited the popular boy band "FEniX" as the spokesperson for the event to attend. Also, the Taichung City Shin Min High School team, which represented Taiwan at the Nippon Domanaka Matsuri at the end of August, performed again at the venue. The bureau anticipates that there will be many more exciting performances on the dance stage.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau indicated that this year added the "National Stepping on the Street and Parade for Fun Competition" for the first time, inviting people who love music and dance to participate in stepping on the street besides watching the dance troupes' performances. Immediately after the event's announcement, people from all over the country sparked heated discussions. The city government also opened online appointments or on-site registration. You can participate in the competition as long as you register. The bureau welcomes you to participate enthusiastically. The maximum prize is NTD 50,000! The Tourism and Travel Bureau also reminded you that when performing on the street, you should not have behaviors that violate good customs, hinder morality, or politicize. The primary focus should be on enjoying the sheer delight of dancing and creating memorable moments of togetherness.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau has announce that this event is partnering with travel agencies to offer an exclusive Taichung tour package for the Dance Carnival, which includes the opportunity to acquire special event souvenirs. The event also cooperates with nearby friendly stores. From accommodation, desserts, and gourmet restaurants to tourist factory DIY, more than 40 stores provide rich discounts on food, places to stay, travel, shopping, entertainment, etc. The public can scan the QR CODE at the service desk at the event site to link to the discount page of the friendly store. You can show the page to the affable store before the end of this year to enjoy exclusive discounts. Through these tour promotions, the bureau hopes to drive tourism industries such as accommodation, tourism factories, and souvenirs to dance with Taichung to create a unique urban tourism dance banquet in Taichung City.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau added that this year's Dance Carnival combines artistic and cultural activities with tourism resources, connecting industries around the area. An LA RUE-themed market at the event site, which includes original design, style catering, and specialty dining cars, makes it delicious and easy to buy for the whole family. On the day of the opening party on September 30th, the bureau will invite the boy band "FEniX" from the "Atom Boyz" talent show as the spokesperson and dance with you at City Hall Square. For additional event details, please visit the fans page "Play in Taichung-Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau" and the Taichung Tourism website (https://reurl.cc/qLMEQE).

City Councilor Pei-Han Lin, Secretary of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications Mei-Hua Tsang, Director of the Tourism and Travel Bureau Mei-Xiu Chen, Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau Jia-Jun Chen, Director of the Secretariat Jia-Zhen Xie, Director of Information Management Center Gu-Long Lin, Chief Secretary of the Economic Development Bureau Shyh-Ling Ni, Senior Administrative Officer of the Civil Affairs Bureau Hong-Dai Ke, Senior Administrative Officer of the Social Affairs Bureau Wen-Xuan Wu, Senior Specialist of the Agricultural Bureau Chun-Liang Lin, Section Chief of the Construction Bureau Zheng-Da Liu, Section Manager of the West District Office Jun-Hong Huang, Chairperson of the Taichung Hotel Association Xin-Cang He, Chairman of the Lohas Alliance Association Ming-Feng Hong, Chairperson of Taichung International Tourism Association Cong-Lin Yang, Principal of Shin Min High School Pei-Qing Wang, and others attended today's press conference. Besides, City Councilors Wen-Zheng Chen, Xin-Hui Huang, and Zhong Lee also sent personnel to participate in the grand event.

  • Data update: 2023-09-11
  • Publish Date: 2023-09-07
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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