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Taichung gained another world-class award! Central Park's "Magic Box World" won the NOVUM DESIGN AWARD Gold Award in the "Lighting Design."

Taichung gained another world-class award -Central Park's Magic Box World-won the NOVUM DESIGN AWARD-in the Lighting Design-Gold Award
Taichung gained another world-class award -Central Park's Magic Box World-won the NOVUM DESIGN AWARD-in the Lighting Design-Gold Award

The 2023 NOVUM DESIGN AWARD recently announced the list of winners. Taichung Central Park's "Magic Box World" has once again won the Gold Award, the highest honor in the Lighting Design. This global competition has received 3,208 works, and "Magic Box World" stood out among various related works worldwide. The city government's construction team is deeply honored by this international recognition and is committed to continuing their hard work.

According to the Director of the Construction Bureau, Da-Tian Chen, Central Park has become synonymous with Taichung City and the preferred venue for many large-scale events. The bureau combined an interactive exhibition featuring creativity, fantasy style, and low-carbon intelligence to attract 1.02 million visitors to the "Magic Box World" at this year's Central Taiwan Lantern Festival. And it won the Platinum Awards for Lighting Design at the 2023 MUSE Design Awards in April of this year.

During the exhibition period of "Magic Box World," it received continuous positive reviews. After the lantern festival, five facilities, including UFO lighting, cute Ada Rabbit, Life Tree, Departure Tunnel of Light, and Interstellar Teleportation, were retained. Currently, they are still a hot spot for people to check in. Winning this international award again is a recognition of the efforts of the urban aesthetics and design team in Taichung City. You can browse detailed data on the NDA official website. (https://www.novumdesignaward.com/winner/nda230588)

Director Chen indicated that the city government will still hold the "2024 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival" in Central Park. The Construction Bureau will refer to the successful experience of this year's "Magic Box World" lighting area in planning and designing the lighting area, so stay tuned. Moreover, the Taichung Citizen Picnic Day, which was previously postponed due to rain, is to be held simultaneously in Central Park, Huludun Park, Aofengshan Park, and Pinglin Forest Park on November 26 this year. No registration is required to participate in the Taichung Picnic Day. Welcome friends from all over the country to a leisurely picnic on the grass. For details, please check the official website of the event (https://taichung-picnic-day.com).

  • Data update: 2024-01-12
  • Publish Date: 2023-11-01
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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