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Taichung Expands Subsidies for At-Home Postpartum Care Service to Support Disadvantaged New Mothers

Taichung expands subsidies for at-home postpartum care services to support disadvantaged new mothers.
Taichung expands subsidies for at-home postpartum care services to support disadvantaged new mothers.

To encourage childbirth, care for new mothers, and reduce the childcare burden on families with newborns, beginning this year, the Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government is expanding subsidies for disadvantaged new mothers to use at-home postpartum care services. This includes those with disabilities or low incomes, new immigrants who have not yet established residency, social housing tenants giving birth to their third child, those qualified for assistance for families in hardship, as well as disadvantaged youth with unexpected pregnancies as evaluated by social workers to be in need. They may apply for 15 days of free in-home postpartum care services for more respite and postpartum recovery.

The Social Affairs Bureau noted that this expansion of subsidies for at-home postpartum care services for disadvantaged new mothers not only broadens the coverage to more recipients but also extends the subsidy period from 10 to 15 days. The at-home services encompass various aspects, including caring for mothers and newborns, preparing postpartum meals, handling basic household chores and cleaning, as well as providing guidance on infant care like bathing and umbilical cord care. Service personnel offer one-on-one personalized support to mothers and babies. Additionally, the Bureau conducts specialized training programs to familiarize caregivers with the characteristics of individuals with physical and mental disabilities, enhance their communication and interaction skills, and refine their caregiving techniques. This ensures that caregivers are better attuned to the specific needs of new mothers.

The Bureau also shared the story of Mei, a woman with epilepsy who initially felt anxious upon learning about her impending motherhood. Through the Taichung City At-home Postpartum Care Service Matching Platform, she successfully found a meticulous and compassionate caregiver. With the caregiver's attentive care and support, Mei received the rest she needed and learned valuable baby care skills. As a result, she emerged from the postpartum period with newfound confidence, fully savoring intimate moments with her baby.

The Bureau highlighted that stories of courage and love can be found in every corner of society. The at-home postpartum care service for disadvantaged new mothers has provided hope for a new life, as exemplified in Mei's case. Regular citizens can also choose to avail themselves of these caring services at their own expense. The goal of the service is to act as supportive partners that provide assistance and a foundation for new parents. For additional details, you can contact the Taichung City At-home Postpartum Care Service Matching Platform at 04-24369269 or visit the official website (https://phcs.taichung.gov.tw/tchcPublic/).

  • Data update: 2024-01-23
  • Publish Date: 2024-01-18
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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