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Transnational multi-million dollar production! Special screening of the ecological documentary "Flyways" Information Bureau: Committed to transforming Taichung into a film and television-friendly city

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Directed by veteran Australian director Randall Wood, Flyways - the multi-million dollar documentary four years in the making – will be screened on PTS during the Chinese New Year holiday. At the special screening yesterday (25th) in Top City Taichung, Taichung City Information Bureau Specialist Chih-I Luan, PTS President Cindy Shyu, and Taichung Film Development Foundation CEO Ying-Chih Lin showed their support for all genres of films in Taichung by taking action. According to Specialist Luan, filmed in Australia, Asia, Africa, America, and Europe, Flyways is an invaluable documentary with a profound concern for environmental protection. The city government also strives to lend its full support to film and television production and education promotion in a bid to transform Taichung into a film and television-friendly city.

Specialist Luan points out that under the leadership of Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu, the city government and the Foundation will continue to transform Taichung into a film and television-friendly city. In addition to natural scenery and magnificent weather, various film subsidies and assistance services are also available, and efforts are invested in promoting image education, hoping to introduce diverse, rich audio-visual experiences through different genres of films, thereby inspiring reflections and discussions on various topics.

PTS President Cindy Shyu explains that the film not only covers global stories but also involves international production. In addition to PTS in Taiwan, partners include government agencies and private sectors in Australia, the U.S., and France, demonstrating that the world is gradually paying more attention to waterbird conservation. Furthermore, in an effort to promote public awareness of the waterbird ecological crisis, PTS has invited Golden Melody Award winner Anpu to narrate the film, whose gentle, intellectual voice perfectly complements the spectacular images of the documentary.

The Information Bureau comments that yesterday's event was co-organized by PTS, Taichung Film Development Foundation, and the Taichung City Information Bureau, as well as partners including the Taichung City Environmental Protection Bureau and Taichung City Sustainable Development and Low-Carbon City Promotion Office. Moreover, Director Randall Wood and his wife Diana Segura, who is also the sound engineer of the film, were invited to speak with the audience about topics related to waterbird conservation and climate change.

According to the Information Bureau, the transnational ecological documentary "Flyways" will be broadcast on PTS channel 13 and the OTT platform "PTT+". For more information, please refer to Flyways' official website (https://shows.pts.org.tw/documentary/flyways/). Yesterday's event saw the attendance of Sustainable Development and Low-Carbon City Promotion Office CEO Ching-Hsiao Huang, Taichung City Environmental Protection Bureau Chief Secretary Ming-Shan Chiang, and Wild Bird Association of Taiwan President Chiung-Nan Lin. (1/26*16)*Information Bureau

  • Data update: 2024-01-31
  • Publish Date: 2024-01-26
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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