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Enhance protection! Receive the XBB COVID-19 vaccine in Taichung City to look after your health and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes

Receive XBB COVID-19 vaccine to win great prizes every week
Receive XBB COVID-19 vaccine to win great prizes every week

With the succession of cold snaps, the Taichung City Government reminds the public to stay warm and monitor their health conditions closely. According to the Health Bureau, data from the central government indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic is currently on the rise and in the infectious period. From January 16 to 22, 537 new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported compared to the period from January 9 to 15, and the peak may be reached around the Chinese New Year holiday. To encourage citizens who have not yet received the XBB COVID-19 vaccine, the city government has launched the "Taichung citizens receive XBB COVID-19 vaccine to win great prizes every week" campaign from January 29 to March 4.

The Health Bureau explained that research indicates receiving the XBB vaccine can effectively prevent COVID-19. As of January 23, central statistics show that Taichung City's XBB vaccination percentage is 4.03%, equivalent to 110,000 people having been vaccinated. After the Get Vaccinated to Receive Great Prizes campaign, the city government launched the "Taichung Citizens receive XBB COVID-19 vaccine and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes" campaign, where from January 29 to March 4 (the date of vaccination can be traced back to January 19), all Taichung City citizens who receive the XBB COVID-19 vaccine at partnering hospitals and clinics (including health centers) in Taichung City can scan the activity QR code on-site to submit the time and location of their vaccination as well as other basic details, and ten lucky citizens will be drawn every week to receive a NTD2,000 gift certificate each.

The Health Bureau's statistics show that 233 partnering hospitals and clinics in Taichung City will be able to provide approximately 45,000 Moderna XBB vaccines and Novavax XBB12,000 vaccines next week, indicating an ample supply of vaccines and vaccination venues. Moderna and Novavax vaccines are safe and effective against COVID-19; citizens aged 12 and above may choose either brand, while children aged between six months and 11 years can only receive the Moderna XBB vaccine.

The Health Bureau urges citizens who have yet to receive the XBB COVID-19 vaccine to make an appointment and do so as soon as possible to enhance their protection. Citizens may use the Taichung City Vaccine Reservation Platform (https://gov.tw/hhv) to make an appointment or do so through partnering hospitals and clinics (https://gov.tw/hhv).
(1/26*6)* Bureau of Health

  • Data update: 2024-01-31
  • Publish Date: 2024-01-26
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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