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Festival Economy Continues! Taichung Spring Tour Festival Kicks Off with Four Major Events

Spring Tour Festival
Spring Tour Festival

The vibrant Taichung Spring Tour Festival is now underway, with a series of exciting events starting in February! The city government has announced that following last October’s Double Ten Day Week and the year-end Taichung Christmas and New Year Celebrations, which combined a Christmas carnival, New Year's Eve countdown at Shuinan, the New Year's Eve performance by Mayday, and more, this spring will see four main events falling under the umbrella of the Taichung Spring Tour Festival. These events include the Taichung Mazu International Tourism and Cultural Festival, the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival, the Taichung Dongshi Sindingban Festival, and Emerge Fest, continuing the celebratory momentum and creating more positive economic impact of festivals unique to Taichung!

The city government noted that in a recent survey conducted by TVBS, Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen tops the list among the mayors of the six special municipalities with a 67% satisfaction rating in governance. Moreover, in terms of civic pride, 74% of Taichung residents take pride in living in Taichung, a percentage higher than that of residents in the other five special municipalities. To foster a happier city, starting this February, the Taichung Spring Tour Festival will commence with an assortment of festivities, including the Taichung Mazu International Tourism and Cultural Festival, the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival, the Taichung Dongshi Sindingban Festival, and Emerge Fest. The city government remains committed to promoting the festival economy while continuing the lively festive atmosphere in the city.

The Taichung Mazu International Tourism and Cultural Festival has been a recurring event for several years. Each year, it features performances by exceptional teams from local communities and throughout the country, allowing attendees to explore various Mazu temples in Taichung and gain insights into Mazu beliefs and local culture. In 2024, the festival continues the theme “Along with Mazu,” with over 30 remarkable teams scheduled to perform. The festival's inaugural event took place on February 13th, followed by multiple captivating performances planned for the Lantern Festival evenings on February 23rd and 24th at 7 p.m. The city government invites all to join and partake in this cultural celebration that combines art and religion.

The city government noted that the 2024 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival will grandly take place at the Taichung Central Park from February 16th to 25th, This year, the festival's scale will be enlarged through collaboration between multiple government agencies including the Tourism and Travel Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Construction Bureau, Education Bureau, and Agriculture Bureau. Eight themed lantern areas under the theme “Taichung Bravo!” will be presented. The theme name draws inspiration from a Taiwanese pun “everything is good,” conveying Taichung's charm as a delightful and livable city.

The city government added that the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival stands as the largest local lantern festival in the country. The city government’s team has intricately designed the lantern displays to harmonize with the distinctive features of the Taichung Central Park and the surrounding urban landscape. Leveraging the unique attributes of the flood detention basin, they've transformed the entire water area into a stunning aquatic arena for the main lantern. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. each evening, there will be a 3-minute main lantern show on the hour. As the grand dragon depicts actions such as opening its eyes, raising its head, jumping, and exhaling, along with performances utilizing luminous cubic structures, it’s as if the majestic dragon is playing with dragon balls, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle. People from across Taiwan are warmly invited to visit Taichung and enjoy the lantern festival.

In addition, the Taichung Dongshi Sindingban Festival, steeped in a century-old tradition of Hakka folk culture, stands out as one of the most emblematic Hakka festival brand identities nationwide. Scheduled for February 24th and 25th at the Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park, Taichung Hakka Story Museum, and the Wenhua Street area of Dongshi Township, this event promises a spectacular celebration. This year, it continues to embrace three core values: Dou Ban Culture, Encouraging Childbirth, and Spreading Happiness. Traditional Dou Ban contests and ceremonies where attendees can pray for children will also be held. Visitors can also marvel at displays of “Ang Ku Kueh” (red tortoise cake) and “Peach Kueh” (peach rice cake), each weighing 72 kgs, and enjoy the lively marketplace and temple activities like Poe divination on Wenhua Street.

The city government noted that Emerge Fest, a renowned local music festival co-organized by the Information Bureau for several years, has been held at the Qingshui Aofong Mountain Sports Park in recent years. It has not only built the festival's reputation in Taichung but also spurred a surge in tourism. As the Emerge Fest marks its fifth anniversary this year, its 2024 main visual “A Fresh Adventure symbolizes that every step is an opportunity to explore new horizons. People from across Taiwan are invited to join the bands on a coastal music adventure from February 24th to 25th at the Aofong Mountain Sports Park, experiencing firsthand the magnetic allure of Taichung's rock celebration!

  • Data update: 2024-02-20
  • Publish Date: 2024-02-15
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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