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Giant Dragon in Taichung Central Park Awakens from the Water! Sneak Peek at the 8 Themed Lantern Areas of the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival

Deputy Mayor Lai Shu-hui offering a sneak peek at the stunning scenes of the 8 themed lantern areas.
Deputy Mayor Lai Shu-hui offering a sneak peek at the stunning scenes of the 8 themed lantern areas.

In just 2 days, the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival will kick off at the Taichung Central Park, starting from February 16th. Today (2/14), Deputy Mayor Lai Shu-hui led a team from the city government to inspect the exhibition area, offering a sneak peek at the stunning scenes of the 8 themed lantern areas. Even before the official start of the festival, crowds have already gathered around the main lantern area that spans between the dry and wet areas. The main lantern, dubbed "Taichung Bravo," has created quite a buzz even before its official unveiling. On this Valentine's Day, Deputy Mayor Lai prepared Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquets for the attendees, extending warm wishes and expressing gratitude to staff for their hard work in preparation.

Deputy Mayor Lai remarked that the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival stands as the largest single-site lantern event in Taiwan. In 2023, it was held in the Taichung Central Park for the first time, where it received widespread praise. By incorporating the park's scenic terrain, the lantern displays have taken on a more varied presentation. This time around, the city government has put great effort into organizing the event. At its heart lies the "Taichung Bravo," a 76-meter-long giant dragon lantern on the water, which dominates the park's aquatic expanse. As the dragon comes to life, hundreds of beam lights illuminate the night sky above the park. Alongside rotating and projecting luminous cubes and dynamic performances on watercraft, a grand and awe-inspiring water theater spectacle is brought to life.

In addition, a part of Section 2, Dunhua Road, which runs through the middle of the Taichung Central Park, has been turned into an incredibly charming pink macaron paradise, along with big candy houses, lollipops, stuffed cookies and animal lantern displays. Even before its official launch, the exhibition has already attracted numerous people keen to visit and take photos. Deputy Mayor Lai advises staff to make sure they are fully prepared to present the finest results to the visitors.

Deputy Mayor Lai noted that the lantern festival features 5 different departments, each presenting its own highlights. Upon entering the exhibition area, visitors will be greeted by the Education Bureau's "Fun Lanterns for Little Backpackers" area, characterized by a splendid arch entrance and an 8-meter-tall Dream Kingdom castle, immersing them in a magical realm. Equally anticipated is the Construction Bureau's “Alternate Dimension of Dragons" lantern area, designed to provide an immersive fantasy experience by incorporating the elements of gold, wood, water, and fire.

Furthermore, the Agriculture Bureau’s "Heart of the Green Valley” lantern area makes effective use of the sunken detention pond area in the Central Park. It features distinctive bamboo lantern displays that add colorful light and shadows to the extensive valley. On the other hand, the Civil Affairs Bureau’s bustling "Party All Night Long" lantern area brings together 29 district offices for a lively gathering. Welcome citizens and visitors to a festive atmosphere of lantern displays in Taichung and let’s party all night long!

Deputy Mayor Lai noted that, for the convenience of visitors exploring the lantern exhibition, the Central Taiwan Lantern Festival has come together with the Central Park Tour Guide app to offer navigation services. By simply downloading the app, people can stay updated with the latest information about the festival and effortlessly use their smartphones navigate to their preferred lantern areas, shuttle stops, the lantern distribution location, public restrooms, and more.

Deputy Mayor Lai added that Central Park benefits from its proximity to the national freeway and major city thoroughfares, providing easy access. She encourages visitors to utilize environmentally friendly modes of transport to reach the 2024 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival venue. Additionally, free shuttle services will be available at City Hall MRT Station and Songzhu MRT Station on the festival's opening day and holidays (February 16th, 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th). This initiative aims to ensure that attendees can enjoy the lantern displays and return home smoothly.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau has also offered a convenient guide for exploring the surrounding attractions of the lantern festival. In addition to the famous Feng Chia Night Market near the Central Park, visitors can also hop on the metro to explore the culinary and entertainment delights of Taichung. Trendy spots, such as the gathering place of art enthusiasts, Shen Ji New Village near MRT Wenxin Forest Park Station, and the hub of old buildings, Nantun Old Street near MRT Nantun Station, are ideal for those looking to uncover hidden treasures in Taichung. Furthermore, the expansive parks close to metro stations, such as Wenxin Forest Park, accessible from MRT Wenxin Forest Park Station, Fengle Sculpture Park, accessible from MRT Feng-le Park Station, and Jiushe Park, nearby MRT Songzhu Station, offer excellent opportunities to let children release their energy.

As for dining options, near MRT Jiushe Station, there's Zongzhan Night Market, while near MRT Wenxin Zhongqing Station, you'll find the famous Beiping Road lined with various street food vendors. Exiting MRT Wenxin Chongde Station, along Chongde Road, you'll also find numerous renowned hot pot and steak restaurants all within walking distance. By taking the metro to MRT Shui-an Temple station, visitors can walk to Gongyi Road, where an abundance of Japanese barbecue, picture-perfect brunches, and a wide range of international cuisines await.

The Tourism and Travel Bureau added that, as part of the lantern area arrangements, special activities titled "Finding Macarons" and "Let’s Go Bluffing" will take place on February 16th and 17th. These activities invite everyone to participate in locating designated dragon lanterns for a group photo, or to pose with the "kuso" lantern displays in the "Who's Bluffing" lantern area to receive exclusive limited-edition souvenirs from the lantern festival. For the latest updates on these activities, check the Taichung Tourism website (https://travel.taichung.gov.tw) and the Taichung Resort Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/taichungresort/).

Tonight's lantern festival unveiling was attended by Deputy Mayor Lai Shu-hui, city council member Liu Shih-chou, Director Chen Mei-hsiu of the Tourism and Travel Bureau, Director Wu Shih-wei of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Director Chen Ta-tien of the Construction Bureau, Director Chiang Wei-min of the Education Bureau, Director Chang Ching-chang of the Agriculture Bureau, Director Luan Chih-i of the Information Bureau, district chiefs from 29 district offices, as well as a representative on behalf of city council member Huang Hsin-hui.

  • Data update: 2024-02-19
  • Publish Date: 2024-02-15
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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