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Taichung MRT passenger satisfaction reaches a new high of 94.2%, with thoughtful service earning praise from passengers

The cleanliness of Taichung MRT stations ranks first in passenger satisfaction.
The cleanliness of Taichung MRT stations ranks first in passenger satisfaction.

Since the inception of the Taichung MRT, its service quality has been consistently improving, garnering positive feedback from passengers. Last year saw record-breaking passenger volumes and an impressive overall satisfaction rate of 94.2%, marking a new peak in its history of operations. The Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Corporation highlighted that the cleanliness of their stations, carriages, and restrooms has received acclaim for two consecutive years, boasting a satisfaction rate of 99%. Moreover, satisfaction rates with the additional train journeys of Taiwan HSR Taichung Station, the Taichung MRT app, and in-station passenger information have notably surged. Looking ahead, the company pledges to continue rolling out thoughtful services to ensure passengers' peace of mind during their travels.

The Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Corporation noted that, to better understand passengers' needs and expectations for various services, they conducted satisfaction surveys at each station (except for MRT Jiuzhangli Station) along the MRT routes last year. The recently released survey results indicate that overall passenger satisfaction with Taichung MRT services reached 94.2%, showing a 0.5 percentage point increase from 93.7% in 2022, setting a new high. Among the respondents, 50.2% expressed satisfaction as the highest level, followed by 44% very satisfied, 5.6% neutral, and only 0.2% dissatisfied.

According to the company’s deeper analysis of the survey results, the top three satisfaction rates were for the "Overall Cleanliness of Stations" at 99.5%, the "Overall Cleanliness of Carriages" at 99.1%, and the "Cleanliness of Restrooms" at 98.8%. These three aspects have consistently received outstanding ratings for two consecutive years, earning high praise from passengers. Furthermore, satisfaction rates with services such as the “Additional Train Journey Value-Added Service from HSR Taichung Station to Beitun Main Station,” the “Taichung MRT App,” and the “Clarity of In-Station Passenger Information” have notably increased compared to 2022, with improvements ranging from 3.4 to 7.1 percentage points. Passengers are also satisfied with the additional train journey from HSR Taichung Station to Beitun Main Station, which departs daily at 00:15 and ensures their safe return home.

The company also noted that the survey, conducted in October last year with 1218 valid responses, indicates a consistent increase in overall passenger satisfaction and that the Taichung MRT has evolved beyond merely providing transportation services to collaborating with various agencies in areas such as culture, education, tourism, economy, social welfare, civil affairs, and environmental protection for promotional purposes, thereby gradually enhancing service quality, which has been acknowledged by passengers. Looking ahead, the company aims to not only refine its transportation services but also promote integrated services and propose comprehensive transfer service initiatives to offer passengers convenient travel options.

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  • Data update: 2024-02-29
  • Publish Date: 2024-02-22
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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