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The Taichung magazine February issue released! Immerse in an ocean of books and experience the romance exclusive to spring

February issue cover
February issue cover

The February issue of the Taichung magazine was published today (18th). In the leisurely spring days, choosing a good book and finding a comfortable space to immerse yourself in an ocean of books is perfect. The cover story for this issue is “The Whole City is My Library.” The city government’s Information Bureau noted that there are libraries in every district of Taichung, with 46 distinctive and stylish libraries, rich book collections and cultural activities, providing an endless feast of culture. Let us follow the scent of books to explore the corners of the city together.

The Information Bureau noted that Taichung Public Library’s branches are diverse and distinctive. Examples include the Waipu Branch (dubbed the “Little White House”), the Shangfeng Branch (honored as a Silver Winner at 2023 MUSE Design Awards in the US), and the Shalu Shenbo Branch (the first film-themed library in Central Taiwan). Furthermore, numerous hidden bookstores and mobile libraries can be found throughout the city, enriching the urban landscape with literary allure.

Additionally, the Taichung Green Museumbrary, positioned as “a library in the park, an art museum in the forest,” is set to open next year. With 8t interconnected buildings, it will house up to 500,000 books and electronic resources, providing a wide selection of reading materials. TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE and Eslite Bookstore are expanding into Taichung, and alongside them, used bookstores and independent bookstores contribute to the city's varied reading scene.

The Information Bureau also noted that stepping away from the library and into the seasonally adorned floral landscapes provides a unique and enjoyable reading atmosphere. Whether exploring Dongda Park, abloom with bougainvillea, or wandering through Buzi Park, adorned with “Golden Shower” trees, both offer an exclusive romantic experience during springtime. While advancing educational policies, the city government is also pushing the Taichung Melody project forward to build distinctive parks. For example, the children's traffic-themed park Quanyuan Park has recently opened, where children can learn about traffic safety while enjoying miniature street setups.

For more exciting content, please stay tuned to this issue of the Taichung magazine. You can have a read for free at various locations in Taichung City, including district offices, libraries, farmers and fishermen’s associations, the city government’s joint service centers, national sports centers, parent-child centers, Taiwan Railway stations in Taichung, and information centers of the Taiwan High-Speed Rail (excluding Nangang). Additionally, feel free to explore the e-book version online. Visit the city government's official website (https://reurl.cc/qmnDZN) and click on “漾台中 (Taichung)” for more information. (3/18*10) *Information Bureau

  • Data update: 2024-03-26
  • Publish Date: 2024-03-21
  • Source: Press Liaison Division, Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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