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Taichung promotes INGO in full gear

中市力推INGO 林市長:歡迎國內外NGO進駐 打造交流平台
中市力推INGO 林市長:歡迎國內外NGO進駐 打造交流平台
Taichung City Government turned Guang Fu Village into an International Non-Governmental Organization Center (INGO) in full effort with a view to attracting big international NGO to the center so as to enlarge the space for Taiwan in the international community. Freedom House, one of the NGO, is seeking for a new location in Asia and has contacted Taichung City Government and in the process of assessment. President Tsai Ing-Wen has given strong support to the INGO Project of Taichung and has given instruction to Executive Yuan to list this as a national level project, said Mayor Lin. Currently, there are 101 NGOs expressing their interest to move to Taichung. Taichung City Government expresses its warm welcome to these organizations and hopes to turn Taichung into a NGO exchange platform at home and abroad.

In an interview with the news media at the occasion of the renovation work of DaYa Swimming Pool on the 9th of the month, Mayor Lin mentioned that Guang Fu Village at WuFeng occupied an area of 20 hectares. Part of this land has already been renovated into a center for the creation of new business for the youths. Currently, Taichung City Government is planning for converting the rest of the place into an INGO Center with office, conference, residence and activities facilities. In addition, a budget of NT$1 billion has been prepared for a building for the training of NGO and volunteers. Promotion overseas will be facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related government agencies to attract related NGO to Taichung.

The findings from an investigation indicated that there are as many as 101 NGOs expressing their strong interest in the INGO in Taichung. A number of symbolic international NGOs have visited Taichung for discussion on topics of cross-border cooperation in international conference, human resources development, women, human rights, and rescues in disasters, said Mayor Lin. Taichung City Government spares no effort in providing related assistance. Further to the attraction of INGO to the center, Taichung City Government also invited domestic NGO to the center for strengthening the bonding of cooperation of NGO of Taiwan and other countries.

In consideration of the changing environment in Asia, most countries of the world recognized that Taiwan is a very appropriate place for the stationing of NGOs, stressed Mayor Lin. Under the support of the central government, the INGO Center will emerge as the home base for the exchange of INGOs. Taichung City Government makes every effort to invite related organizations to move in and create this center as a platform for the exchange, conference, and activities of NOGs at home and from overseas.

Taiwan faces utmost hardship in diplomacy. By way of NGO, Taiwan could advance to the international community. This is indeed the opinion of President Tsai Ing-Weng and also the future for Taiwan, according to Taichung City Government. WuFeng is the place of origin for the aboriginal people of Taiwan. It also housed the Provincial Council in the past and has been the cradle for many local elites. With the abundance of available space, the communication network and climatic advantage of Taiwan, this place is ideal for turning into an INGO Center.

This project has earned the strong support from President Tsai after proposed by Mayor Lin last year. In response, President Tsai appointed Vice Premier Lin His-Yao to organize a task force and make it a project at national level. In March, Taichung City Government has conducted a feasibility study on the INGO project and presented to Executive Yuan for review and discussion. Currently, this project is proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with appointment of Taichung City Government to design the mode of cooperation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented the proposal of this project to National Development Council for review on June 27. Currently, National Development Council is in the process of inviting opinions from related government entities. The project will be completed in 5 years with a budget of NT$2.22 billion and will be located at Guang Fu Village of WuFeng. This will be the home base for INGO Center.

Guang Fu Village used to be the accommodation of the employees of the provincial government. It has been unoccupied since the September 21 earthquake and has been taken over by Taichung City Government since then, according to Taichung City Government. This location is temporarily designated as a park for local youths for creation of new business under the Star Picking Project. Further to the launch of this project, there is also ample space in the park being unoccupied. This is the reason for choosing Guang Fu Village as the home base for INGO Center. In the future, this location will be turned into a training center and personnel exchange platform for the NGOs at home and from overseas. This also allows NGO from all over the world to know about Taiwan. By then, Taiwan could interact with people from NGOs of the world to realize grass-root diplomacy and show the soft power of Taiwan in international participation and on international topics.
  • Data update: 2019-07-01
  • Publish Date: 2017-07-17
  • Source: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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