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North District Civil Sports Center is opening in October. Trial operation from September 20 to September 26, people can try it for free

北區國民運動中心10月開幕 9/20-26試營運開放民眾免費體驗
北區國民運動中心10月開幕 9/20-26試營運開放民眾免費體驗
The North District Civil Sports Center was completed earlier, and will be opening official on October 1st. It will be the 2nd and the largest sports center opened in Taichung, after the operation of Chaoma Civil Sports Center. The center is mainly equipped with water sports facilities, and other sports facilities, including table tennis court, badminton court, multi-purpose ball court, aerobics studio, physical fitness center, and more. The Sports Bureau, Taichung City Government expressed that it is scheduled to be operated on a trial basis from September 20 to September 26 for 7 days. It will be opened free to the general public to experience the facilities in the center in advance. It will offer various free-trail courses, including aerobics, yoga, and more. It expects to provide people with reasonable and quality sports environment.

The Sports Bureau expressed that the North District Civil Sports Center is located at the junction of Section 1, Chongde Road and Meide Street. It is a multipurpose sports center with 3 levels above the ground and 3 levels underground. In appearance, it has a wave pattern design that has won the honor of Public Construction Golden Quality Award. It provides various professional sports facilities, including indoor warm water swimming pool, physical fitness center, aerobics studio, spinning bike, table tennis court, multipurpose ball court, and more.

As the North District Civil Sports Center is planned as a water sports facility, there is the first international standard swimming pools – “3 pools in 1 gymnasium” in Taiwan, including an Olympic-size swimming pool, diving pool, and a training pool. In addition to be opened to the general public, it can also be an ideal venue for Taichung City Government to hold international swimming and diving contests and local athletes to train there. It is now a designed venue for holding watersports competitions in the 2019 East Asian Youth Games.

The Sports Bureau also expressed that Taichung City Government made reference to the “ACT FOR PROMOTION OF PRIVATE PARTICIPATION IN INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS” to construct a professional, safe, and comfortable sports environment. To achieve this goal, a professional management team is introduced to administer the North District Civil Sports Center. It not only spends huge sum of money to purchase various sports facilities but also invites professionals to operate diverse courses, including speeches on health, charity courses, sports competitions, and more to provide people at different age level and social groups more choices in sports activities. Hopefully, people will be encouraged to do more sports.

The North District Civil Sports Center is scheduled to be opened on October 1. By then, it will offer professional, enthusiastic, and energetic sports services. During its trial operation, from September 20 to September 26, 10:00am to 8:00pm, it will be opened to the general public for free. In addition, there will be various sports experience courses. For further information about the discounts, courses, and ticket information during its opening period, please call (04)2235-6555 after its trial operation on September 20.
  • Data update: 2019-07-01
  • Publish Date: 2017-09-23
  • Source: Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
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